Sorare: baseball will be available soon!

Sorare is a French success story. The company, known for its football blockchain game, is a unicorn, that is, its capitalization has exceeded $1 billion. But Sorare does not intend to stop there and confine himself only to the field of football. The company has sights on other sports, starting with baseball…

What is Sorare?

Sorare has been able to achieve the synthesis between football supporters, blockchain enthusiasts and players. The principle of the Sorare game is so simple that you would forget that it works using a blockchain. This is probably one of the reasons for its success.

On Sorare, you can compose your football team by buying 5 cards, each bearing the image of a player. There are different levels of cards depending on their rarity. Then, the teams composed by each player compete in a virtual championship .

The outcome of the matches depends on the individual performances of the players in the real league. For its game, Sorare has signed many partnerships with European championships (and others) in order to offer the purchase of a maximum number of player cards.

Sorare expands across the Atlantic

Sorare has been planning to diversify and take up other sports for some time now . Moreover, a few months ago, the company welcomed Serena Williams to its board. She acts as an advisor to Sorare and helps the company apply its winning football model to other sports.

If the arrival of Serena Williams could suggest that tennis would be the next sport to join the Sorare platform, it is not! Sorare has just announced an important partnership in the United States with the baseball championship (MLB) !

The principle of the game should remain similar. Users will be able to buy cards bearing the image of the baseball players who make up the American league (20 American teams and one Canadian).

To publicize his game, Sorare initially relies on a free-to-play model . Concretely, the cards will be free, which will allow everyone to familiarize themselves with the game. The arrival of the paying model with cards in the form of NFT should be done by the summer according to Thibault Predhomme, director of operations at Sorare.


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