Space Station 14 : Discovering and information

If you have no friends, no family, no job, and little social interaction, it’s time to get your fingers out of the spacesuit and head to Space Station 14 !

Thanks to this free and open source RPG, you will be able to join a space mission in which you will play an astronaut who will have to play his role to perfection. The idea of ​​the game is really to do roleplay (role play), that is to say to play your character fully as if it were real life.

There are plenty of servers available so it’s up to you to choose the community that you like the most, and you can embrace a career as an astrobiologist or a space clown. In short, to become almost like Thomas (Pesquet).

As it’s free software, it’s not easy to learn , so you’ll have to hang in there. Remember that to move around it will be the old fashioned WASQD keys.

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