Squirrly SEO, a tool to improve the SEO of your WordPress site using AI

To promote its products or services, it is essential to properly reference its website. This requires setting up an SEO strategy. However, this is complicated when you have no knowledge in the field. Although a wide range of tools exist in the market, they are sometimes difficult to get started with due to their innumerable number of features.

There are other alternatives, like Squirrly SEO . Thanks to its artificial intelligence (AI), it gives relevant advice to optimize its WordPress site. Using machine learning, its AI systems filter out the billions of data points that have helped as many as 600,000 websites rank higher on Google.

Advice at every step

To start getting the most out of Squirrly SEO, you first need to install it and connect it to your WordPress site. You are then redirected to a dashboard allowing you to have an overview of the pages to be analyzed. The tool reveals the improvements to be made. It provides custom tasks to complete, such as writing content of at least 1500 words on a specific landing page. Depending on the actions to be implemented, the time required is indicated.

Squirrly SEO also reveals goals to achieve, for example reaching seventy visitors per day on a page. For SEO neophytes, it is possible to use the “Show me how” function, which gives the indications to follow to succeed in its task.

In the “Focus Pages” tab, you get metrics on the performance of your pages: their visibility, the keywords used, the page authority… All the information is in the form of a table with different dots: green when the page is optimized, orange when small improvements are still to be made and red when it needs to be redesigned.

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The Live Assistant feature provides real-time SEO feedback as content is typed in the WordPress editor. Again, Squirrly SEO offers valuable optimization tips. To obtain a complete audit and know its SEO score, go to the “Audit” tab.

The advantage is that the tool also has a keyword search functionality to discover new topics to discuss. Search volume, clicks, ranking chances, keyword trend and competition data are systematically given.

Right now, Squirrly SEO is available for $69 for life instead of $684. With this offer, you can connect up to five websites, get 15,000 ideas for new keywords per month and do 300 audits. For agencies and businesses that need more features, the $138 and $207 licenses are more attractive.

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