Being the main search engine on the internet, everyone is looking to get a place on Google. And submitting a site to Google is one of the first things any webmaster does, as soon as he feels his site is ready to receive visits.

This is to report the existence of your site to the search engine. As soon as you have done this, Google will start sending its robots to crawl your site and send it the information to display in its results, SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Search engine results page, in French.


  • 1 Index a website on Google
  • 2 Submit a site to Google with Search Console
    • 2.1 Import the HTML file to your site via CPanel

Index a website on Google

Indexing is not to be confused with SEO. We talk about indexing from the moment your website/content is taken into account by the search engine. This is when we can talk about referencing, ranking in the search engine.

Submit a site to Google with Search Console

To submit a site to Google, webmasters use a tool called Search Console , formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools . It is a tool offering multiple functionalities of inspecting a website, monitoring its behavior in the Google search engine, etc.

It’s free. The only prerequisite to use it: have a Google account (Gmail), which is probably already your case. To get started with Search Console and submit a site to Google, open this link and click ”  Get Started Now  “ .

Log in with your Gmail account and continue. You will have in front of you a page asking to select the type of property to submit. Between ”  Domain  ” and ”  URL prefix  “, the main difference lies in the validation methods.

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The second offers simpler validation methods, including importing an HTML file into the root of the website. In the “  URL prefix  ” section, enter your domain name and click Continue . Don’t forget to flag https:// .

Submit a site to Google

An HTML file will be provided to you. To finally submit a site to Google, you will have to download this file locally on your computer, then import it to the root of your website. On your server.

Google Verification HTML File

This file should remain on the root of your website, even after verifying the domain. It will help Google maintain confirmed owner status. Import it to the site via CPanel or FTP. You will click on ”  Validate  ” only once the import of the HTML file is complete.

Import the HTML file to your site via CPanel

In another tab, navigate to your CPanel to browse your website files. Go to the file manager to load the HTML file in question. Find it on your computer and import it to the server.

Importing the HTML file

The HTML file imported on the site, return to Search Console to click on ”  Validate  ” and finish. The verification will then be done. You will have to wait 24 hours for your site performance results to start showing to you.

Google Search Console

After you are done submitting a site to Google, now consider submitting its various sitemap files . A sitemap is simply a file that lists all the pages and posts on a website. It is also called a sitemap, and usually has an .XML extension .

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