T. Rex Game: Play Chrome Dino Game in Any Web Browser

Who does not know the game T. Rex Game , also called Chrome Dino ! You know, the little pixelated dinosaur that helps pass the time on Google Chrome when the internet connection is down. Well, for those who don’t use Chrome, it’s now possible to play the game in any other web browser !

Chrome Dino, play game in any web browser

If you are a Google Chrome user, you have probably already crossed paths with the little T-Rex. Indeed, when an Internet failure/disconnection occurs, the Chrome browser displays a small dinosaur with the following message: ” No Internet access “.

To pass the time for users while waiting for the Internet connection to return, Google had the good idea to integrate a mini game in which you play as a little T-Rex who must jump over cacti. At first glance, the game may seem mundane and yet it addicts many users.

Note that if you want to play the game of T-Rex in Chrome even though your Internet connection is operational, you just need to type chrome://dinoin the address bar of the browser.

T-Rex Game Chrome Dino

In addition, a developer had the idea to reproduce the famous Google Chrome game, so that everyone can play it. Thus, users of Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari or even Opera can now access the game from their web browser.

Just go to Dinosaurgame.net to find the iconic T-Rex and blast him over the cacti again and again, until you smash all the records. To launch the game, all you have to do is hit the space bar (just like on Chrome).

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Dinausor Game (Dino Game)

In addition and unlike the Google Chrome game, Dino Game (or Dinausor Game) includes a ranking system: by country, by team or by player. At the time of writing these lines, France is ranked 5ᵉ. Of course, we’re counting on you to blow up this score!

Dinausor Game Ranking

An addictive game

Above all, you should not rely on the basic design and fairly simple game rules of Chrome Dino. Casually, this game can quickly get you addicted! The proof with the latest figures released by Google: the Internet giant had reported that more than 270 million games per month had been recorded on Chrome Dino during the year 2018.

People are even so into it that many businesses and schools have had to disable gaming on computers. Employees and students indeed tend to spend hours with the cute little T-Rex rather than working/studying.

interesting anecdotes

The Chrome Dino game appeared on Google Chrome in 2013. The Internet giant had made no announcements at the time and it was by chance that Internet users discovered the game. by ear that the little T-Rex has built its reputation.

Since then, Google often adds small bonuses and extras to the game during major events: for example during the tenth anniversary of Google Chrome, the dinosaur ended up with a birthday hat on its head while jumping over it. cacti and other obstacles.

During the year of the Tokyo Olympics, Olympic flames were also added to the course of the T-Rex, allowing it to indulge in various sports such as swimming, surfing or even horse riding. Enough to spend moments always as a fan!

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