Tabby – The terminal of the modern world

If you’re tired of your terminal, I present to you Tabby . This open source and free terminal for macOS, Windows and Linux is fully configurable and will allow you to connect either locally, or via the serial port or in Telnet and SSH and will save you time thanks to its keyboard shortcuts and will also make your more enjoyable day.

Tabby offers tabs and a panel system, but also themes, plugins and color palettes to allow you to push the experience to the limit. It can support different shells in the same window, offers completion, has an encrypted container for your passwords, SSH keys and other secrets, and can handle different connection profiles.

Each tab is persistent (you can restore them if you close one by mistake) and has a notification system, which will let you know if, for example, a process is finished while you are tapping in another tab.

It’s really a great terminal that will easily replace cmd.exe for Windowsians or your usual terminal. And it can even work in a portable version for those who like to carry their tools on a USB key.

To test it, you can download it, but there is also a web version . Handy for getting an idea.

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