Tchia: A tropical open-world adventure

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Are you craving for a change of scenery and eager to explore new landscapes, cultures, and customs? Look no further than Awaceb’s first game, Tchia, available on Playstation 4/5 and PC (Epic Game Store, soon on Steam). The game takes us on a journey to an imaginary land strongly influenced by New Caledonia’s fauna, flora, music, cuisine, and a touch of magic.

In Tchia, players take on the role of the adorable young heroine, also named Tchia, on a quest to find her kidnapped father, who was taken just after the tutorial sequence. Armed with a ukulele, slingshot, and unwavering determination, we explore the tropical open world.

Players can run, swim, swing from trees, glide, use rafts, or climb with their bare hands. However, what’s even more exciting is that players can take control of animals, such as fish for faster water crossings or birds to reach unexpected heights. Everything visible on the screen is accessible, much like in Zelda BotW (off-topic: the sequel is coming soon!).

Along for the adventure !

In addition to the similarities in movement and exploration mechanics, Tchia also shares similarities with Zelda in terms of its enemy camps and temples that allow players to gain new abilities. However, unlike Zelda, Tchia does not have frustrating points, with few and simple battles that create a fluid and satisfying gameplay experience. The game also includes small challenges such as races and dives that unlock cosmetics like new ukuleles, and players can relax and enjoy the charming world by sitting by a campfire and playing music or eating typical dishes. Overall, Tchia offers a zen and enjoyable experience.

The ukulele!

It sounds like Tchia offers a lot of content, including a post-game experience that invites players to come back and explore the islands more. There are even secondary objectives, like treasure hunts, that add to the experience. One interesting aspect is that the map doesn’t indicate the player’s position, so they need to rely on their sense of orientation to find their way around. The game is designed to be played at the player’s own pace, and the atmosphere is sunny and soothing. The graphics aren’t the most detailed, but the light effects, reflections, and depth of field make it visually appealing. The game also includes an old-fashioned camera where players need to manually adjust the settings and develop the film to see the photos. Overall, Tchia’s music is also excellent and emotional, evoking strong feelings in players.

It sounds like the joy of playing this game lies in the process of discovering it, so I won’t give away too much more. But what I can say is that it’s an experience, a journey that I truly enjoyed. It’s rarely frustrating, always charming, generous, kind, and sometimes very amusing. It’s truly heartwarming! And on top of that, it feels like we’ve gone on a journey to meet a culture located on the other side of the world.

I recommend: 🌞🌞🌞🌞☀️/5

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