Are you looking for a free and unlimited cloud storage service ? Check out TeleDrive , a web app that relies on the Telegram API to store photos, videos, and other documents, and share them however you see fit. Here’s how it works.

Free and unlimited cloud storage for everyone!

Notice to Telegram users, if you need free and unlimited online storage space, know that the famous messaging application offers it!

Indeed, on August 20, 2021, Telegram had announced on its Twitter account that all users can benefit from unlimited and free Cloud storage. Forget competitors such as Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud or Dropbox, which all offer free offers that are not very advantageous.

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Following this announcement, Muhammad Gilang Januar, an Indonesian developer created TeleDrive . This is a web interface that uses the Telegram API to host unlimited files in the application cloud for free.

TeleDrive, a web app that relies on Telegram’s cloud storage

TeleDrive presents itself as a third-party app from Telegram that uses the instant messaging app’s official API as a cloud storage service. Therefore, if you have a Telegram account, you can use TeleDrive to download and save all kinds of important files there (documents, images, videos…).

Individuals, professionals or even students, TeleDrive is aimed at all Telegram users. You can access the storage service from any web browser on your smartphone or computer.

TeleDrive web interface
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TeleDrive offers several handy features. First, you can drop your photos, videos, and other documents in drag-and-drop mode . The Web application also offers filtering options , but also a document viewer as well as a multimedia player to watch images or videos directly from its interface. And just like a classic Cloud service, TeleDrive users can send and share files from the main interface, but also with a simple web link.

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Share files with TeleDrive

Otherwise, TeleDrive also has the advantage of being 100% autonomous and secure. Indeed, all downloaded files are only stored in the “Saved messages” folder of Telegram accessible from the “Exchanges” section or from the “Settings” of the application. They cannot be found anywhere else. Only the account user can access them unless they share them with one or more other people.

If TeleDrive is a free and unlimited service, note however that the downloading of data is however limited to 2 GB per day, while the sending of files is restricted to 1.5 GB per day. For truly unlimited use, you have to pay an annual subscription of $10. Suffice to say, a ridiculous amount compared to other cloud services.

How to use TeleDrive?

The TeleDrive user manual is simple and intuitive. To use the service, follow these few instructions:

1. If you haven’t already, download the Telegram app from your Android or iPhone smartphone , then create an account using your mobile number.

2. From your computer (or smartphone), go to the TeleDrive website , and click on the “ Register Now ” button.

TeleDrive: free and unlimited cloud service

3. Now you need to log into your Telegram account. If you are on a computer, click on “ Login by QR Code ”. On the other hand, if you are on a smartphone, enter your mobile phone number to receive a code.

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4. From your smartphone, go to the settings of the Telegram application, then tap on “ Devices ”.

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5. Then tap ” Connect your PC “.

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6. Scan the QR Code displayed on the TeleDrive site.

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7. You are now connected to the TeleDrive interface. All you have to do is transfer the files you want. Note that you can organize your files as you see fit by creating folders.

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Finally, note that TeleDrive also allows you to create a shortcut directly on the home screen of your smartphone or computer. You will then be able to access the service as with a simple web application.

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