The 12 Best Change Hair Color Apps for Android and iOS in 2023

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In this guide, we will discover: The 12 Best Change Hair Color Apps for Android and iOS in 2023.

If you’re confused about your hair color for the outdoor or indoor event, it’s better to use a change hair color app before applying the natural hair color.

Today’s advanced smartphones come with next-generation algorithms for augmented reality (AR). You can use such features of an Android or iPhone device to augment hair color without applying it for real.

Once you know which hair color or color combination is right for you, apply the color in the exact composition as the app suggests.

If you’re unsure of which hair color-changing app is the best, don’t worry. Read on to find some of the best apps to change hair color virtually.

You can also flaunt different hair color styles virtually by sharing videos or images without applying any real hair colors. So, let’s explore the apps!

Change Hair Color Apps for Android

Find below some Android apps that change hair color virtually using a smartphone camera and augmented reality algorithms:

1. YouCam Makeup – Selfie Editor

YouCam Makeup – Selfie Editor is the ideal app if you’re looking for the best app that changes hair color with a feeling of virtual hair dying and a hair salon. The app also lets you customize selfies to appear attractive among your friend and family groups.

Some notable features of this app are:

  • Hair color changer in a gamified virtual salon
  • Real-time augmented reality hairstyles
  • AI Detect algorithm to analyze skin complexion, facial outlook, etc., to suggest hair colors

Various social media influencers on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, and more use this app to appear differently in front of their fanbase. You can download the app for free and purchase in-app paid items to enhance its functionalities.

2. MakeupPlus – Virtual Makeup

MakeupPlus – Virtual Makeup works as a makeup artist in the virtual space. This should be your go-to app if you want to look gorgeous in real life or in augmented reality videos and images.

You can try out some existing hairstyles to check your appearance virtually. Or, you can modify color and style combinations to make your signature look. Once satisfied with the final look, you can go for a real makeover for your hair.

These are a few excellent features that you must try on this app:

  • Ready-made makeover styles from famous makeup artists like Lisa Eldridge, Bretman Rock, Christen Dominique, and more
  • See how you look personally using AR programs
  • Outstanding hair color looks like Sunset, Icy Blue, Cotton Candy, and more
  • Use front and back cameras

The app download comes for free. However, in-app purchases range from $5.99 to $29.99 per item.

3. Facetune Editor by Lightricks

Facetune Editor by Lightricks hair color changing app
Facetune Editor by Lightricks hair color changing app

Want a hair color-changing app that can edit existing photos and videos? You must try Facetune Editor by Lightricks. It’s the ideal app if you work as a part-time makeup artist virtually on social media sites, Discord, etc.

The app empowers you to edit videos and photos using its powerful editing tool. Hence, you can suggest hairstyle makeovers to your followers and customers by editing their images on your phone.

Its notable features are as mentioned below:

  • Apply makeover features
  • Add hair highlights
  • Apply dark, light, or mix-and-match hair colors to existing images
  • Automatic photo filters with popular hairstyles

4. Hair Dye

Hair Dye is a virtual hair salon game app that works as a hair color-changing app. You get to work with all the tools and cosmetics used by a standard hair salon. You can alternatively use the app as a hair salon simulator.

If you’re willing to open a hair salon or want to work in one, you can get some real-world experience in virtual form by using the Hair Dye game app.

It has the following attractive functionalities and features:

  • Various sets of hair dyes, hair colors, haircuts, etc.
  • Hairstyle challenge events
  • Beautiful decorations and styling tools for hair

5. Hair try-on – hair styling


Hair try-on – hair styling is yet another functional app to change hair color. You can use it to style your hair and facial look in a virtual space and get selfie pictures. Alternatively, you can use the app to try on different hair color shades to see which one fits you the most for a specific occasion.

Its in-app features include the following functionalities:

  • Collections of hair colors and hairstyles
  • Hairstyle simulator
  • Haircut simulator
  • Face recognition technology scans the face and suggests compatible hair colors and styles

6. The Hairstyle Mirror: try on live

Hairstyle Mirror try on live app that changes hair color
Hairstyle Mirror try on live app that changes hair color

Hairstyle Mirror: try on live comes with live face-tracking, the next-generation AR program for virtual makeover apps. Hence, try this app if you’re looking for one of the best change hair color apps with real-time effects.

The best use case of this app is touching up your hair styling in the middle of an event quickly and effectively. Instead of using an old-fashioned mirror, take your compatible smartphone, open the app, look at the front camera, and make instant touch-ups.

Other distinguished features are outlined below:

  • Different categories of hairstyles and colors like short, medium, long, crazy, and special
  • Apply unique hair color composition from a color wheel with unlimited color combinations

Change Hair Color Apps for iOS and iPadOS

If you’re using an iPad or iPhone and looking for some reliable “Change your hair color apps,” try out any of the following now:

7. Black Hair for Women

Do you want to try African hairstyles and dreadlocks to see how you look? Try Black Hair for Women, a dedicated hair color app for African American hairstyles.

The top features of this app include the following:

  • Easy-to-use interface with drag-and-drop facility
  • Ideal for trying out hairstyles, haircuts, and hair colors
  • Option to change color, contrast, brightness, and saturation
  • Share with friends and get their opinion

You can try this app free or make in-app purchases for additional features.

8. Style My Hair Pro

Style My Hair Pro change your hair color app
Style My Hair Pro change your hair color app

If you’re a professional hairdresser and hair styler, you can download the Style My Hair Pro developed by L’Oreal.

The publishers have developed the app specifically for iPads since working on a big screen will suit professional hair stylers. However, the app works fine on iPhone devices as well.

Its notable features are as outlined below:

  • Hair color consultation tool
  • Customizable mood boards and vision boards of popular looks
  • 3D Try On helps your clients choose the right hair color
  • Direct reference to L’Oreal Professionnel virtual swatch book

The tool is available for free. There are no in-app purchases either. Furthermore, the app publisher doesn’t store any images on their servers to protect your privacy.

9. Redken Style Station

Redken Style Station is another professional hair color and styling tool used for Redken hair styling products. The best feature of this hair color-changing app is access to all existing and new Redken formulas when creating custom hair color combinations for your clients.

Other notable features you must know are:

  • Real-time try-on for various hair colors on a big screen if using iPad
  • Creating custom formulas and locating that in Redken inventory of hair colors
  • In-depth details for formulating, micing, and applying the real Redken hair colors
  • Different shades of the same hair color in a side-by-side comparison table

10. Virtual Hair 3D

Virtual Hair 3D app lets you discover the perfect hairstyle in 3D format. You can try 35+ hairstyles in this app to see how you look.

The notable features of this iOS hair color-changing app are:

  • Check hairstyle from the front, sideways, and back
  • Create a 6-second video with the preferred hairstyle
  • Send videos to your hairstyle or friends
  • Nine hairstyles are available for free

This app is free, but you can make in-app purchases to unlock all the features and hairstyles. It doesn’t store your face data.

11. YouCam Makeup: Selfie Editor

YouCam Makeup: Selfie Editor, as claimed by the developer, is the number one selfie editor and AR camera app in App Store. It has a massive database of hair colors, hairstyles, face makeovers, etc., from top global cosmetics brands.

Its best features for hairstyling and coloring are:

  • Hair dye tool
  • Hair color game
  • A virtual hair color consultant
  • A vast library of preset hair colors

If you’re a professional hair color artist, you can train others or provide virtual consultation services to your clients using its built-in live streaming tool.

12. Hair Color Changer


Hair Color Changer is a popular hair color app that lets you virtually try any color on your hair. Its powerful AI camera can instantly change hair color.

Other highlighted features of this app are:

  • A massive collection of hair colors to try on
  • Use the camera or photo library to pick a color
  • Pan and zoom options for precise work
  • AI drawing option to identify hair section from any portrait photo
  • Use the camera to select any color from around

While this app is free to download and use, you can upgrade to the Pro version for $2.99.

Change Hair Color Apps: Conclusion

So, now you know which change hair color apps are most popular for Android and iOS platforms. Give any of the above a try and comment below about your experience.

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