The 10 most popular TikTok songs of 2023 in one playlist

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TikTok is all about sound. From funny voice-overs to catchy mashups, popular TikTok songs help videos go viral on the platform and land a coveted spot on the For You page. And while new songs are being created and added to the app every day, some standouts have already risen to the heights of TikTok fame this year. In this article, we’re breaking down the top TikTok songs of 2023 so far — and compiling them into a single playlist for you to enjoy.

Here are the top TikTok songs of 2023 so far

Radio and MTV once held the power of deciding which catchy tunes would reach the public and inevitably become popular hits. Now, in the era of social media, it seems that TikTok has seized the reins of the music industry.

Here are the top TikTok songs of 2023 (so far):

#1. “Blicky” by Fresh X Reckless

This song has reached the #1 spot, thanks to its dance. Normally, it consists of groups dancing.

Gen Z is bringing this song back, with 84% of users of this sound being between 18-24. Check out the dance for yourself:

#2. “Mother” by Meghan Trainor

In second place is this song, that is being used for funny mom videos. Although we’ve also see some dancing:

#3. “Irish Jig” by Irish Pub Society

On the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day, this song is in third place. The themes of the videos are from the Irish Jig, and any subject related to Ireland:

#4. “Moonlight” by Kali Uchis

Kali Uchis is an R&B artist that has taken off in her music in the last few years. Her new song Moonlight is no different and is being used all across the app:

#5. “BIG MAD” by Ktlyn

For the at-home experiments, videos are using this sound to show their trials. Don’t try this at home….

#6. “GOIN HARDER” by Blake The Plug

Did someone say another dance? In 6th place is “Goin Harder” by Blake The Plug, which was released in 2019.

This power song is being adopted by Gen Z users:

#7. “Come Here Come Here Come Here” by SNC

More funny videos with amazing moments in many of them. Don’t miss them!

#8. “Drank in My Cup (Instrumental)” by Kirko Bangz

This song has quickly come to popularity and has taken the 8th position. It has gone viral thanks to the trend of showing photos of users as a child, compared to current photos of themselves.

#9. “Murder” by Bgnzinho

This song has been used in different types of videos. From video games, funny moments and challenges.

#10. “Material Girl” by Madonna

Users have used this mythical Madonna song for videos with the messages “My father/father-in-law/etc rejected many girls back in the day”. Same for mothers/mother-in-laws.

The playlist of the best TikTok songs right now

Now that you’ve learned all of the top trending songs on TikTok right now (and the kind of videos they’re being used with), it’s time to start jamming out with your own viral TikTok playlist.

TikTok is uploading new sounds and songs every day. While these top selections could soon disappear from the For You page, we hope this playlist keeps you listening to them a little longer.

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