1. Discover in the following the list of the 9 best online Freelance sites! The most credible, reliable and serious platforms.

Doing Freelance or working Freelance via freelance platforms on the internet from your home allows you to earn money or even to get rich .

Small sums or large sums! depending on your efforts

To reach your goal and get a job online, we present to you the 7 most popular sites on the internet for freelancing.

Note selection of Freelance sites are available in all countries of the world: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal, Algeria, …

Anyone can access it and work Freelance.

In addition, the Freelance sites allow you to do all the possible jobs: Design, Translation, Graphics, IT development, coding, writing… All the ideas of the Freelance .

List of the 7 Freelance sites available!
There are other platforms , but we have chosen 7 for you

1. 5Euros
Tasks :
Design & Graphics, Writing, Audio, Video, Website, Marketing, Social networks, SEO, CV and cover letters, …


2. Freelancer
Tasks :
Design & Graphics, Writing, Audio, Video, Website, Marketing, Social networks, SEO, CV and cover letters, …


3. Fiverr
Tasks :
Design & Graphics, Writing, Audio, Video, Website, Marketing, Social networks, SEO, CV and cover letters, …


4. Twago
Tasks :
Development, Application development, Design, Graphics, Writing and Translation, Web Marketing, …


5. Graphic designer
Tasks :
He specializes in design and graphics.

Graphiste.com is the community of freelance and independent web designers, graphic designers, designers, graphic designers and artistic directors.

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6. Editor
Tasks :
redactor.com is a Freelance site allowing you to write, translate or correct texts


7. Malt
Tasks :
You can do multiple spots on the Malt Platform.

Customers provision the amount of the estimate at the start of the assignment.

When they validate the end of the mission, the payment is automatically released.


8. Web portage
Tasks :
The portage exists in several European countries and in 30 years.

It is a simple and quick solution to set up in order to invoice services and to start a professional activity in complete autonomy.


9. ClickWorker
Tasks :
Text writing, Text proofreading, Categorization of data, Text correction, Online research


It’s done !

We took stock of the best Freelance sites available online that you can use to monetize your free time in Freelance.

Besides the above,

Working for yourself as a Freelancer is a good idea to work on the internet .

But there are other great sites that allow you to work online and earn a steady income, pay, or get rich .

For example :

01. The 100 Best Sites to Work and Make Money
02. Paid survey sites .

03. PTC sites

04. Freelance sites

05. Credible Paid Clicks Sites

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