The Android repository for offline applications

Do you know F-Droid ?

But yes, this application for Android which allows you to do without the Google Play Store to install many FOSS applications (free and open source software). If you don’t have it yet, scan this QR Code to install it.

One of the advantages of F-Droid is that it allows you to add repositories to it. And among these deposits, there is that of Second Wind.

Second Wind is simply a repository that brings together a collection of free applications capable of operating without a network. There are, among other things, mapping or guidance software such as OsmAnd~, a Trail Sense compass, but also Umbrella, a survival / first aid guide and of course Briar, a messaging system that works using Bluetooth and Wifi.

Second Wind is a good idea since it quickly allows you to fill up on your smartphone many applications (including games) which you are sure will continue to work even if you are disconnected from the networks. There’s even an app called ProofMode to take, sign, and timestamp photos that can be used as evidence.

To add the deposit, you can follow this tutorial and add the following QR code:

Good discovery to all!

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