Typo, careless error, fatigue, or simply poor command of the French language, the fact is that everyone is likely to make spelling mistakes (even after proofreading). Fortunately, there are free online spell checkers and efficient capable of avoiding a good number of faults. In this article, we present 4 of these spelling solutions among the most effective!

4 spelling and grammar checkers to use for free!

LanguageTool, the multilingual spelling, grammar and style checker

LanguageTool is a free online spell checker able to check many grammatical mistakes in more than 20 languages ! Both the web version and the browser extension are free to use, as is the iOS app.

Just write your text in the insert provided for this purpose or load your Word document to discover the grammar and spelling mistakes you have made. The tool will show you not only the fault but also the explanation of your error. In addition, the suggestions offer you synonyms directly within your text to avoid repetitions.

In its free version, LanguageTool allows you to correct texts up to 10,000 characters long. The tool will perform a simple grammar check, punctuation and of style.

Besides the free version, there is a premium plan that offers a plugin for Microsoft Office and Google Docs and increased error detection to improve your writing. This offer is available for €19.90 per month and the price is decreasing according to the duration of your commitment.

All in all, LanguageTool is unquestionably one of the best online spell checkers you can find.

Reverso, a free online spelling and grammar checker

Reverso, a free online spelling and grammar checker

Reverso is a suite of online tools for writing with, among other things, a translator, a dictionary or a grammar checker. The latter is based on the technology of Cordial and allows correct texts written in English and French.

The operating principle is always the same, namely a field in which to paste the text to be corrected and two buttons: one to launch the correction and another to rephrase the text. In addition to its remarkable ability to detect faults, its strong point is undoubtedly its speed!

In its free version, Reverso allows you to correct spelling and grammar errors in your texts with a maximum length of 450 characters. However, you can insert as much text as needed.

In addition, Reverso offers a premium offer for €6.49/month or €39/year which allows you to correct up to 2,000 characters in one click, paraphrase your sentences ad infinitum, benefit from more synonyms for your texts and explanations concerning your errors. All this, while removing advertising!

Scribens: correct the spelling and grammar of your texts

Scribens: correct the spelling and grammar of your texts

Like Reverso, Scribens correct English and French for free. Also, it has the ability to act on grammatical AND spelling errors. He pretends correct over 250 types of grammar errors such as homonyms, punctuation, verbs, nouns and pronouns.

Scribens’ suggestions are pretty accurate, even with the free version. They improve the readability of your writings, while providing variations to avoid making them boring. Its syntactic recognition algorithm corrects ten times more errors than Microsoft Word’s corrector.

The free version has a character limit that is impossible to know precisely. A paid version available from €9.90/month to €49.90/year offers faster correction, up to 200,000 characters, extensions for various software such as Word, LibreOffice or Outlook and applications for Android mobiles or iOS.

Bon Patron finds your French spelling and grammar mistakes in your texts

Bon Patron is one of the best spell checkers

Good boss is a online spelling and grammar checker, developed for students. This analytical tool seeks to help students identify errors in their writing and understand them. To do this, Bon Patron is designed as a teaching tool that provides explanations and suggestions for correcting errors.

Bon Patron is available in a free and paid version. The free version contains the basic features with a text length restriction up to 2000 characters (about 250-300 words).

The paid version, which costs only €11.99 per year, does not impose this limitation or any other in terms of text length. With it, advanced features such as a detailed error summary and some grammar exercises are offered, all without the usual ads.

The biggest problem of online correctors and that they are for the most part unavailable in French and are therefore unable to correct it. This selection fills this gap, and even if no solution is perfect, they each have the merit of offering a free version more than sufficient to correct the majority of the most common faults.

And you, do you know of other free spell checkers that deserve their place in this article? If so, let us know in the comments!

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