Finding the right time to make a purchase on the Internet is not easy. Prices vary all the time (or almost) and there are many merchant sites. To help you with this difficult task, today I am bringing you the best price trackers that will give you plenty of savings. But before revealing this famous list of sites that allow you to do good business, we will see together what is a price tracker and what it is for.

What is a price tracker and what is it for?

Price trackers are online tools that allow you to follow the price trend for a desired item in real time . This allows you to shop online at the best time without getting “caught”.

Indeed, who has never fallen for the purchase of a product online before realizing a few days later that its selling price has dropped? It’s infuriating, isn’t it? Well thanks to the online price trackers, you can follow the evolution of the price and know the lowest price seen  over several weeks, months or years.

In addition, some online trackers can alert you by email if the price of a product drops or falls below a previously defined threshold .

How it works ?

All of these tracking sites generally work the same. You enter the name of your product in a search bar and validate. The price tracker will then show you a graph with the evolution of the price, the lowest price and on which web-merchant you can buy it.

List of the best price trackers

Each price tracker has its favorite stores. Some of them list all web merchants, while others focus on one or even two stores.

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All French e-commerce sites



The Finder






Amazon (Europe) and eBay (World)



Chinese shops

PandaCheck  : The biggest price search engine of all the serious Chinese online stores.

Kimovil : price comparison for smartphones and tablets on the largest Chinese web merchants.

DeviceRanking  : price comparison for smartphones, tablets and gadgets in Chinese online stores.

ChinaPrices : price comparison in Chinese stores.

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