The best software to manage your personal finances

Are you on a tight budget? Or are you struggling to manage your finances? Whether your end of the month is difficult or not, you would do well to start managing your budget. For this, one option is to bring a notebook and a pencil. You could also create your own budget management Excel file. But do you want to get into formats that are so complicated to update? Probably not… Lucky for you, there are many personal finance management software. From the most basic to the most elaborate, you will probably find your favorite tool for manage your budget in an ergonomic and fast way. We have selected for you the best free software to manage your personal finances:


BankPerfect software allows you to manage your daily, weekly and monthly budget in just a few clicks. It also includes functions for managing your portfolios and borrowing simulations (regardless of the amount). This way, you can use your calculations to compare options for fast credit at After analysis, you will then be able to select the most advantageous loan for you.

Moreover, BankPerfect gives you the possibility to set up several currencies and to add additional functionalities. Ergonomic, practical and modular, it will suit you if you need more advanced budget management. This without cluttering up with a very heavy or complex tool.

Budget Express

Budget Express is free for 2 weeks. This software also allows you to organize your expenses and income very clearly and easily. Its user-friendly interface offers quick handling, with icons and pictograms that simplify understanding.

Accessible and intuitive, this software is perfect for individuals who want to easily manage their personal finances. Thanks to this tool, you will be able to follow your budget and plan your next weeks without the fuss.


Then, Maxicompte is the ideal software if you have several bank accounts. It is also very suitable for self-employed entrepreneurs who manage their accounts themselves.

Connected directly to your accounts, it offers precise monitoring of all your transactions – entries and exits. This includes, in particular, regular transfers and direct debits. Finally, Maxicompte also includes a function for calculating the amortization of loans.

Budget View

Ideal for better visualizing and controlling your cash flow, the BudgetView software is very accessible. You can enter all your cash inflows and outflows there, categorizing them as you wish. The admin panel shows you charts as you wish, giving you maximum visibility.

You have the possibility to follow the evolution of your personal finances week after week, month after month. The indicators also show you any anomalies in your accounts, allowing you to adjust your budget if necessary. A perfect tool to avoid overdraft situations!

In addition, importing your account statements from your web banking is a significant plus.

Finally, the BudgetView software is available on many media, such as Mac, Windows, Linux or Android.

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