The Chrome / Edge extension to ensure during your Netflix / Youtube evenings

You’re having a Netflix party with a good boyfriend or girlfriend, when suddenly the doorbell rings. Can’t pause because you have dirty fingers. Normal, this delicious pizza was full of tomato sauce and cheese and you eat like a pig.

Luckily, thanks to the Chrome/Edge extension named Freezeyou will be able to pause your series, simply by raising your hand to gesture to your webcam.

Rock’n’roll 🤘 to pause (or play), raised fist ✊ like a CGT guy to mute the sound, or the sign of victory ✌️ to skip the well-received Netflix intro.

Super handy, don’t you think?

Freeze also supports YouTube with the same gestures, except the V for victory skips to the next video.

Happiness to no longer dirty the computer in case of unforeseen!

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