The dynamic desktops of macOS on your good old Windows

If you’re an anti-Apple hater, it’s probably because you’re totally in love with macOS’ dynamic desktop wallpapers.

And not having this on your Windows PC, it weakens your most intimate flaws even more.

But you know me, I have my heart on my sleeve, so I’m sharing with you this free project called Win Dynamic Desktop which is neither more nor less than a port for Windows of the functionality that you cherish so much.

Indeed, these dynamic wallpapers evolve according to the hours of the day, and even if it’s useless, it’s very cool. And you are cool people, so don’t hesitate!

It is then up to you to choose whether you want to follow the hours of the day according to a specific location, your geolocation or according to schedules.

If it heats you up, the tool is available here on GitHub.

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