You now know the living nightmare of graphic designers and other artists since you read my articles on Dall-e 2 or Craiyon.

You know the concept: You have to write a pretty, hyper-descriptive and precise sentence. This sentence will then be communicated to an algo pompously called “Artificial Intelligence”, which will then generate an image representing your writing.

Holy game!

But the most fun is to do the opposite. That is to say, find from an image generated by an algorithm, the little sentence that hit the mark.

This is a Wordle clone named Wordalle who uses this kind of image to bring joy in your little heart. I rubbed shoulders with it during one of my Twitch and I didn’t do so badly.

The game that graphic designers will not like 5

In short, enough to have a good time! You can even play with your colleagues, just to make your days go by even faster while getting paid!

Have fun !

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