350 million Opera browser users will switch to web3! Opera achieves the biggest breakthrough so far observed for a Web2 service and promotes the development of the decentralized Internet. From now on, the BNB Chain, formerly Binance Smart Chain, will be integrated into the famous browser.

What changes for users?

In the future, platform users will have access to more than 1300 decentralized applications (DApps) active on the BNB blockchain. Among these will be DEXs such as PancakeSwap , BiSwap or 1inch but also products like Treehouse, ApeSwap, AutoShark Finance or DRIP Venus. It will be possible, in addition, to buy BNB in ​​fiat and to send and receive assets via an integrated cryptowallet. In addition, this integration allows direct access to many DeFI and GameFI services such as StarSharks, StarryNift or SecondLife. Finally, NFTs applications will also be accessible there and among these we find Galaxy, NFTrade or Galler.

Opera does not intend to stop there

According to Patrick Degenhardt , Vice President of BNB Chain: “The goal of the BNB Chain community is to build the infrastructure necessary to power the virtual ecosystem and attract the next billion people to crypto” . He adds: “Stimulating the adoption of digital assets and blockchain technology requires significant efforts in Web2 and Web3 integration. (…) We are delighted that this integration will allow Opera’s 339 million active users to access more than 1,300 active BNB channel dpi and their funds.”

A month after its launch on iOS, Opera is now continuing its transition to web3. According to Jorgen Arnesen, vice president of the mobile division at Opera, the integration of the BNB blockchain ecosystem will allow users to access an amplified web3 experience. The browser had already established partnerships with Bitcoin , Ethereum , Polygon, Nervous Network, Ronin or Celo and announces that it wants to continue its momentum in the months to come.

The company recently announced that it does not wish to maintain an exclusive collaboration with a blockchain but intends to develop the integration of different ecosystems in order to diversify the options offered to its users.

In their statement, Opera points out that BNB Chain has more than 4 million unique active users per week, 36 million weekly transactions on average and more than $13 billion in total value locked (TVL) within its ecosystem of decentralized finance (DeFi). With Opera, which has 339 million monthly active users worldwide, this partnership could take Web3 adoption to the next level.

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