Ahhh the weather! A universal subject that makes everyone agree. Except that to shine in society in this world, you must of course keep yourself informed of the maximums, the minimums and tutti quanti.

Well that’s good because if you are under macOS or if you have an iOS device, I have selected for you a very pleasant application to keep you informed of the temperatures, even if in my heart, the “Agricultural Weather” application will remain always the “ouno number”!

This is’Overlook Weather which has been designed to favor human readability and understanding rather than simply presenting a large amount of data that you will not understand because you have not been touched by the grace of Alain Gillot-Pétré

As you’ll see when you launch the app, one of Overlook Weather’s strengths is its carefully crafted ‘landscape’, which showcases all the most important weather information from where you are. It’s easy to pick up because instead of trying to interpret cryptic numbers and data, you can get a real visual idea of ​​what the weather will be like.

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In addition to this, Overlook Weather allows you to add widgets for your iPhone home screen including on the lock screen. No need to launch the application like that. You have all in front of you.

More technical data. Only beautiful and understandable that will allow you to answer this simple question: “Is wearing flip flops relevant on this January day?” »

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