The secret of search operators [2022]

The internet is a big database and we use search engines to find information within that database. Trends evolve and we also use the Internet to find new ideas for our customers, find new sources of inspiration for our business, or do competitive intelligence .

For today’s entrepreneur, Google is not only a tool to develop his visibility. It is also an effective way to find relevant information to help him in his decision-making. How to find the right information about your market or your competitors? How to be effective in your research? For this, I suggest you discover the search operators .

What we will see together:

  • How does a search operator work?
  • How to check the indexed pages of a site?
  • How to find specific keywords on a site?
  • How do I find article titles containing a particular keyword?
  • How to find a keyword in URLs of several sites?
  • How do I remove certain criteria from a search?
  • How to find sites that deal with the same theme as us?
  • How to find a precise expression?
Easy tutoriels
Easy tutoriels

How does a search operator work?

A search operator is a term that you will add to your query . There are several of them and they each perform a specific action . Thanks to the search operators, you will be able to refine your criteria and obtain more precise results . You will see in the examples below that it is very easy to use search operators to obtain relevant information.

How to check the indexed pages of a site?

You have a doubt about the indexing of your pages  ? Or do you want to know how many pages a competitor’s site has? With the site search operator , Google will give you the number and list of all indexed pages . That is to say, the pages that Googlebot, Google‘s indexing robot, has browsed and stored in the search engine’s servers in order to be able to offer them in its results pages. So, for that type site: and the URL of the site. Take for example, a media site which by definition has a lot of content.

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Example: website:

How to find specific keywords on a site?

Do you want to see all the articles on a site that deal with a particular keyword  ? In this case, you just need to specify this keyword to the site search operator . Let’s imagine for example that you want to find all the articles on the Team’s site that talk about Windows 11.

Example: Windows 11 site:

How do I find article titles containing a particular keyword?

Do you want to ensure the originality of your title  ? You want to evaluate the competition on a query? Using the intitle search operator will return all articles whose title contains the keyword you are looking for. It is also very useful in web writing. I suggest you stick with the example of windows 11

Example: intitle: “windows 11”

keyword search in titles

How to find a keyword in URLs of several sites?

URL , or Uniform Resource Locator, is the unique address of a website . Each post or page also has its own URL. Usually, the title of the article is included in its URL, or at least the keywords if the site applies good SEO practices. The inurl search operator therefore complements the intitle operator by offering slightly different results.

Example: Inurl:windows 11

use the Inurl operator

How do I remove certain criteria from a search?

How to refine your search to avoid irrelevant results  ? In the English language, many words have a double meaning. Like the strawberry for example, which can be either a fruit or a tool. So how do you get more relevant results  ? By using the minus sign in your query.  I added SE to windows 11 which means Windows 11 SE for Education

Example: Windows 11 – SE

How to find sites that deal with the same theme as us?

How to identify competing sites  ? Or sites similar to that of one of my service providers? The related search operator offers you a list of sites that Google considers to be close to that of your query. For the Team site, for example, Google suggests Easy Tuorials – YouTube.

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How to find a precise expression?

Want to find the author of a saying? Or do you want to check that the slogan you have chosen is not already in use? Simply type your query in quotes . For this last example, I wanted to offer you a quote from Jill Whalen that I really like about seo

Example: Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.” – Jill Whalen (@jillwhalen),” 

Now you. You can perform your own tests. Search operators can be a little picky about punctuation. So feel free to copy-paste the operators from my examples to do your own research.

You will get different results from mine and this is completely normal since the SERP, Google’s results page, is constantly changing. As Google explains, “We pay attention to certain signals, such as keywords and the level of freshness of sites, which we log in the Google search index. »

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