I love the logo of this application, and above all, I think what it does is very cool! TopGrade allows you to keep your system up to date very easily.

It detects all the tools you use and automatically launches all the commands that go well to update everything.

Basically, on Linux, it will first run your system’s package manager update/upgrade, then it’ll do an etc-update, followed by various known tool update commands like oh-my -zh or Python, plus a whole bunch of plugins and packages related to tools like Vim, updating your Flatpaks, Snaps, firmwares and so on.

Under macOS, it will rather be updates via Brew, Pearl, Node…etc. Obviously, anything Apple AppStore, your macOS system…etc.

And on Windows, there will be a series of updates on the Powershell, Chocolatey, Scoop modules, without forgetting Windows Update.

All steps of the tool are detailed here .

A great tool to quickly update a system. Of course, everything is configurable so you can add or exclude things. And of course, the whole point is to be able to keep a specific machine fleet up to date, for example, since TopGrade can also operate remotely.

To find out more, it’s here .

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