How do we know that what we see on the Internet really exists? It’s difficult, especially since the arrival of generative adversarial networks (GAN) capable of creating photos, but also videos or music larger than life.

You probably remember the buzz around the site ThisPersonDoesNotExist which offers you generated faces. What you see on this site are therefore photos of people who do not exist. As awesome as it is creepy. Enough to make a new profile picture without having to steal anyone’s identity.

It was the first of its kind and since then clones of this site have appeared. Thus, the site ThisXDoesNotExist lists all these GAN generators, which will allow you to see cats, houses, campsites, manga characters, memes, horses, chemical compounds or even cars that don’t exist!

But that’s not all since you can also find services like ThisIdeaDoesNotExist which offers random ideas for your next internet business, or generators of words, resumes, songs, music videos, or interviews that don’t exist. It’s crazy !

In short, something to have fun, but also find new ideas.

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