To continue to grow, companies must regularly rethink their strategy and business model. This is a complex step that requires having an overview of all the components of its operation, which the Business Model Canvas (BMC) helps with. Concretely, it is a question of a schematic synthesis of its business plan in the form of a table. The Business Model Canvas online model tool has multiple features to design your BMC with clarity.

Why use a Business Model Canvas?

A Business Model Canvas makes it possible to visually formalize a business model. It is used by entrepreneurs to determine and align a company’s core business activities and their relationship to its value proposition.

Generally, a Business Model Canvas fits on a single page. At a glance, the reader can see the business model of the company. It is divided into nine key elements: main partners, activities, resources, company proposals, customer relationship, channels used, customer segmentation, cost structure and revenue stream of the organization. These components make it possible to have a global vision of a company, and to identify its project more precisely.

The objective of the Business Model Canvas is also to highlight the interactions between each element of a company, in order to better understand how it works, which the tool makes it easy to do.

The BMC is not frozen in time. It can be modified as many times as necessary to identify new business opportunities and design the most successful strategy possible.

A tool to design your Business Model Canvas with several people

This tool has a template to create your Business Model Canvas. On this one, we find the nine blocks necessary to illustrate its business model. The goal is to fill each of them with reminders, texts, links, sketches, images and videos. Each element is editable.

As on a classic word processing software , you have to turn to the “Text” functionality to start writing your project. You can use sticky notes to write down guidelines. You can change the font, add effects, define the color of the text or its layout.

It is possible to quickly note the ideas that arise thanks to the “Pen” functionality. In order to illustrate them well, the company proposes to add arrows, geometric shapes, photos as well as videos.

To share his current Business Model Canvas with his collaborators, click on “Share”. This way, everyone can see, modify and comment on the document. Once the modifications have been made, the BMC can be exported in PDF and CSV. It can also be saved as an image or integrated directly into a website with a few lines of code.

The template is free to use. However, you have to turn to one of the paid offers to access all the features, be able to create the number of projects you want and invite as many people as necessary to read the document.

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