TikTok has just announced the launch of a new “Pulse” advertising format whose revenue will be shared with creators.

50% of revenue for creators with over 100K followers

TikTok has just announced the launch of an advertising revenue sharing program with creators. On the same model as the programs offered by YouTube, Instagram or Snapchat, TikTok will allow (big) creators and influencers to better monetize their audience. Concretely, “contextual advertisements” will be broadcast alongside content from creators. According to The Verge, the revenue share will be 50% for the platform, and 50% for the creators. As a reminder, on YouTube creators receive 55% of the revenue generated. The goal ? Encourage them to share content on TikTok rather than other potentially more profitable platforms.

For the time being, this program will only target the most influential accounts on the platform, with more than 100,000 followers, and will generate greater and more sustainable income than the “Creator fund”.

Visibility for brands in the “Top 4%” of published videos

Brands will be able to use this format to place ads in the top 4% of videos posted, including in users’ “For You” feeds. With TikTok Pulse, brands will be able to ensure maximum visibility on the most engaging content of the moment. TikTok will offer 12 Pulse categories, where brands can place their content: cooking, gaming, fashion… Pulse will therefore make it possible to reach these huge audiences and offer them advertising content alongside creator content.

According to TikTok, this format brings 10% more memorability and an 8% improved brand preference. Figures to be taken with a grain of salt, of course. However, we note a real strategic choice by TikTok, which does not offer user targeting (like Facebook does) but the possibility of offering affinity advertising content with certain audiences and certain centers of interest. An interesting format to have a massive reach, but which will surely be limited for conversion and performance issues.

The program will be launched in June in the USA, and will be extended in the fall for the other markets. For the moment, we have no details on a launch date for the French market.

Source : TikTok

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