When you have to consult a map of a territory or a city, which site do you go to? Probably Google Maps? If you are booksellers, rather OpenStreetMap.

And if you’re in China, chances are it’s Baidu Maps.

In short, everyone has their favorite mapping service. But what if I told you that now you no longer need to choose thanks to this bookmarklet?

So a little reminder for the youngest, a bookmarklet is a small piece of JavaScript that is placed in your browser’s favorites and allows you to activate a feature on a current site.

Thus, you can go to Google Maps, OpenStreetMaps…etc, position yourself on the place of your choice, then click on the bookmarklet to have quick access to lots of mapping services that will send you to the place you have target.

But that’s not all, since OpenSwitchMaps also offers you to activate different tools on your map. Thus, you can retrieve a PNG image of the area, convert GPS coordinates, launch a Flickr or Twitter search on the targeted area, open a GPX editor, calculate distances between two points…and so on.

So how is it used? Well first, add a bookmark (bookmarklet) to your browser by dragging the following link to your bookmarks bar: OpenSwitch Maps Web.

Or by adding the following function in a bookmark:

JavaScript:(function(){ window.location.href="https://tankaru.github.io/OpenSwitchMapsWeb/index.html#"+location.href;})();

Next, open Google Maps or an equivalent and click on the bookmark. There you go, all you have to do is choose the service that interests you.

It’s super interesting and handy if you often interact with mapping services and I’m sure you’ll discover lots of cool services.

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