Top 5 Tools for Corporate Newsletters

The newsletter represents a lot of challenges for a company, whatever its size. Any business leader should therefore know that there are many tools that help distribute newsletters.

Indeed, the interest of a newsletter is well established. Indeed, with the regular distribution of a newsletter, you:

  • Stay in touch with your customers,
  • Highlight your expertise and professionalism,
  • Educate your prospects,
  • Drive inbound traffic to your business website.

Email Marketing is a lever of Digital Marketing which consists of sending email campaigns to a list of contacts. You still need to be well equipped.

Today, I’m picking out a few mass emailing tools that I found interesting.

And this, just for you….

Table of contents 

  • Newsletter campaign sending tools, what for?
    • 1. Bulk shipment
    • 2. Dashboard
    • 3. Contact list management
    • 4. Responsive design
    • 5. A/B Testing
    • 6. Compliance with legal constraints
  • My 5 favorite newsletter sending tools
    • 1. Mailchimp – All-in-One Marketing Platform
    • 2. Sarbacane – Emailing, SMS, Automation & Marketing Advice
    • 3. Sendinblue – All your digital marketing tools on one platform
    • 4. Business Message – Emailing, SMS, data and marketing…
    • 5. Phplist – Open Source Email Marketing
  • To conclude on these 5 Newsletter sending tools
    • To summarize in 3 questions

Newsletter campaign sending tools, what for?

Before presenting my top 5 business newsletter tools, let me explain why it is important to use them.

As your audience grows, so does customer relationship management.

Indeed, if you just respond to comments on social networks and / or send emails one by one, it will inevitably reach its limits when the number of leads increases.

Newsletter sending tools automate the writing, sending and monitoring of your campaigns.

There are many email marketing service providers and they all tend to provide the same basic services.

1. Bulk shipment

A classic email system limits the number of emails you can send simultaneously. It is even difficult what this limit is. Your emails are simply blocked. In addition, a mass mailing is quickly identified as spam.

Email Marketing tools have privileged relationships with Internet and email management providers. They get permission to send bulk emails without the risk of being considered spam.

Note : for the recipient, it is you who sends the email. Indeed, you keep the possibility of displaying your own e-mail address in the “from” field.

2. Dashboard

When you send an e-mail from your classic mailbox, you don’t know how many people have actually received your e-mail, how many have actually opened it.

Sending tools are able to count the number of emails received in inboxes, the number of emails that have been opened… You even know who opened and who clicked and what they clicked on. In addition, you have reports on unsubscribes, addresses that have gone inactive and spam complaints.

With all these indicators , it is easy to improve yourself and thus increase the open time and the click rate of your next mailings.

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3. Contact list management

Finally, any modern email marketing service hosts your contact list . Thus, it manages for you and automatically:

  • unsubscribe requests,
  • Email addresses that are no longer active,
  • Duplicates…

Last point, it is also easy to separate lists into several segments, not to mention the customization functions.

4. Responsive design

The best Email Marketing sending tools offer a graphical editor to design your emails.

In addition, they check that your email:

  • Will display correctly on all smartphones, computers, web browsers and email systems…
  • Meets the weight requirements imposed by many messaging systems without having to sacrifice visually rich content.

5. A/B Testing

With an Email Marketing service, it’s easy to compare multiple versions of your content.

For example, you create 2 different objects for your newsletter which will be sent to a sample (for example 10%) of your contact list.

The tool will compare the open rates according to these objects. You can then send the campaign with the best item to the rest of your list.

6. Compliance with legal constraints

A classic messaging tool can lead, despite you, to breaches of privacy. It’s easy to email your entire list from the ‘To’ or ‘CC’ line instead of ‘BCC’. In this case, your contact list is visible per turn.

Additionally, forgetting unsubscribe instructions or an unsubscribe link is now illegal.

The tools for sending newsletters manage this perfectly and check compliance before each sending, not to mention other functionalities to more easily comply with the constraints of the GDPR

My 5 favorite newsletter sending tools

1. Mailchimp – All-in-One Marketing Platform

Mailchimp - All-in-One Marketing Platform

Clearly, Mailchimp is the world leader in this category, with more than 16 million users worldwide (source Sumo ).

However, unlike the first 3 newsletter sending tools, Mailchimp is not available in French.

This is also one of the weak points of this tool. You must use it in the language of Shakespeare.

But this is only a detail since the interface remains very easy to use and the content of your emails is in French. But that can be a problem if you need to consult the help center…

The design of their website has evolved a lot lately as well as their message and especially their price, unfortunately in the wrong direction.

With MailChimp, you design your email templates, easily add visuals and personalize your campaigns.

Plus, MailChimp easily integrates with HubSpot, WordPress, and Google Analytics.

In addition, you can easily follow the reach of your campaigns thanks to Mailchimp statistics : number of openings, ideal time slot, etc.

Thus, you access statistics such as the number of visits generated by the campaign, the number of conversions without forgetting the number of sales made.

For small and medium-sized businesses that run a weekly or monthly newsletter, this tool is ideal.

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Note : no texting with MailChimp, but you can still send postcards ! This is not a joke. I imagine that like me, you wonder what it’s for! Why not for wishes?

Another particularity : posting advertisements on Facebook and/or Instagram, which avoids connecting to Facebook Business.

2. Sarbacane – Emailing, SMS, Automation & Marketing Advice

Mailify - Emailing, SMS, Automation & Marketing Advice

Among the many existing newsletter tools, I particularly recommend mailify (Sarbacane).

Mailify is a complete email and SMS marketing solution. Create stunning newsletter campaigns in just a few clicks with the easy-to-use EmailBuilder tool. Choose and adapt one of 60 responsive and professionally designed newsletter templates. Manage your contact lists and benefit from Mailify’s exceptional deliverability rate.

With Sarbacane, you set up a professional quality newsletter.

It is a French start-up, it must above all be recognized that Sarbacane offers very interesting options such as:

  • Importing contacts is very easy from an Excel workbook, a text file, directly via Outlook…
  • User interface that works wonders for those who don’t know how to code in CSS and HTML. You just have to choose from the many templates offered,
  • Optimization of your contact list . If some addresses have domain name errors, they are corrected automatically. And if the list contains duplicates, these are merged automatically,
  • Autonomous management of the unsubscription process : your subscribers only have to click on the corresponding link to no longer receive your newsletters,
  • Integration of forms and questionnaires into your campaigns,
  • Last but not least, Sarbacane sends your emails with a Responsive Design format . The content is automatically adapted to all reading media: computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.

Note : in addition to sending newsletters, you can also send transactional emails, SMS and also series of pre-programmed emails with Sarbacane .

Sarbacane has a comprehensive help center with a comprehensive blog on Email Marketing. They are also very present on social networks. Besides, it’s not surprising, to stand out from Mailchimp, they communicate a lot about their customer service and their Marketing advice.

Don’t be surprised to see Sarbacane’s interface when you open Mailify . In fact, Mailify is none other than the international version of Sarbacane with offices in New York. As for the newsletter tool itself, Mailify offers exactly the same features as Sarbacane with an online support platform in New York.

3. Sendinblue – All your digital marketing tools on one platform

Sendinblue - All your digital marketing tools on one platform

Sendinblue is particularly effective for e-commerce sites.

The sending platform has user-friendly tools to design your emailings as well as many possibilities for developers to add additional features to your campaigns.

One of the most useful features of SendinBlue is to sync contact lists with most leading platforms.

Analytics reports obviously include information on when emails were opened and on which device.

Transactional email options are more advanced than most email marketing tools available.

Its functions also include targeted SMS messages in conjunction with your emails, as well as personalized messages for customers, such as “Track an order”, “Forgotten password”, “Abandoned basket”…

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However, some technical knowledge may be required to fully exploit the potential of SendinBlue. However, with a little help, SendinBlue is a powerful addition to your online marketplace.

To sum up, if you are dealing with a large target audience, you can manage your content easily.

4. Phplist – Open Source Email Marketing

Phplist - Open Source Email Marketing sending tool

Just like Mailchimp, Message-business, Mailify, Sarbacane and many more, Phplist helps you communicate with newsletters.

But its particularity is to be an open-source software, written in PHP with a MySQL database to store the information, distributed free of charge under the GPL license.

In addition, phpList is multilingual, especially in French and English, but also in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German, Danish, Swedish, Polish…

In addition, the site offers 4 different pricing:

  • Depending on the number of messages sent,
  • Depending on the number of registered members,
  • A 1 USD plan,
  • The offer for larger volumes (ranging from 500,000 to 2 million subscribers or more)

To conclude on these 5 Newsletter sending tools

A tool for sending professional emailings and newsletters helps you design campaigns according to your objectives.

They also provide automation features to increase efficiency.

Finally, it measures the performance of your mailings so that you can refine their relevance.

Some providers offer a free service or a trial period. Use this feature to thoroughly test their services and products before deciding to commit to them full time.

Finally, the price generally varies according to the number of contacts and/or the volume of emails sent.

My advice : select a list of providers with the features you need for your business. Then, screen out candidates based on your budget constraints.

To summarize in 3 questions

Is Email Marketing an effective lever for Digital Marketing?

86% of professionals prefer to use email to communicate for business purposes. Additionally, with email campaigns, marketers educate their prospects, understand their audience, and build strong relationships with their customers.

Why use a professional email sending tool?

Emailing platforms facilitate the creation and distribution of your magnificent campaigns. They provide you with all the indicators to measure the performance of your mailings. In addition, they help you comply with GDPR constraints, which are easy to violate if you send your emails in bulk from your personal email account.

How to choose your mass emailing tool?

Select a list of providers with the features you need for your business. Test them with their free version. Then, screen out candidates based on your budget constraints.

And you, what tool do you use to create and send your newsletters?

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