Top Android Apps for Solving Math Problems

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In This article, we are going to discuss the best Android apps to solve math problems, along with details of what you should expect from them.

Math can be challenging, but thankfully there are many great apps available on Android to help you solve math problems and better understand concepts. Whether you need help with arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus or statistics, these apps make math more engaging and easier to grasp.


One of the most popular and powerful math apps, Photomath can read and solve problems ranging from basic arithmetic to calculus and beyond. Simply point your phone’s camera at a math problem to get step-by-step explanations and detailed solutions. The app can evaluate integrals and derivatives, factor expressions, plot graphs, and solve equations with variables.


Mathway allows you to type in any math problem or scan problems from your textbook to receive detailed explanations and full work shown. It can solve algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and more. You can even take a picture of a handwritten math problem. Mathway is great for checking homework answers and helping you better understand how to arrive at the solution.

Microsoft Math Solver

Powered by Azure AI, Microsoft Math Solver uses natural language processing to read and solve handwritten or printed math problems spanning from basic math to calculus and linear algebra. The AI can explain the steps and logic for each solution. You can also ask follow-up questions if you need clarification. It’s free and works offline.

GeoGebra Graphing Calculator

An advanced graphing calculator and geometry tool, GeoGebra can graph and solve equations, construct geometric figures, do calculations, and much more. Great for graphing and visualizing math concepts from algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, chemistry, and physics. You can even create constructions and share them with others.

Desmos Graphing Calculator

A powerful online graphing calculator, Desmos can plot multiple equations and inequalities on the same graph. Easily adjust the settings to customize your graph. You can plot and animate all kinds of equations and inequalities. It also has a scientific calculator, matrix calculator, and classic 4-function calculator built-in.


QuickMath allows you to quickly look up formulas, definitions, examples, and explanations for a wide range of math topics – from pre-algebra to calculus and beyond. Simply search a concept to get clear explanations with images and practice problems. It also has a math keyboard for typing mathematical symbols and expressions.

These apps make learning and practicing math much more intuitive and convenient. They help supplement classroom learning or provide extra help whenever you need it. With powerful math solvers, graphing tools, and step-by-step explanations, you can master challenging math concepts from the convenience of your Android device.

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