Top list of best free VPNs in 2022

In computing, VPNs (Virtual Private Network) or Virtual Private Network are software or applications giving the possibility of being anonymous, having a secure internet connection and also being able to circumvent certain geographical blocking restrictions.

Also, VPNs sometimes give you the ability to get through your ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) firewall by creating a connection tunnel; You can thus have internet using a VPN, fast and reliable.


  • Free, fast and reliable VPN
    • Top VPN for PC (Windows, Mac), Android and iOS
    • 1. UltraVPN
    • 2. Hide my Ass
    • 3.ExpressVPN
  • Conclusion on VPNs

Free, fast and reliable VPN

As we said in the introduction to this blog post, the VPN can be software for PC or computer or a mobile application for your smartphone (Android, iPhone, etc.). For the most part, VPN software has mobile versions for tablets and smartphones. Without further ado, let’s get to our top list of the best VPNs in 2022.

Top VPN for PC (Windows, Mac), Android and iOS

1. UltraVPN

A fast and reliable VPN that you can download in order to have a stable and secure internet connection.

2. Hide my Ass

A very popular VPN that also offers a multitude of practical features for accessing the internet.


One of the best, fastest and most reliable French VPNs out there.

Conclusion on VPNs

Coming to the end of this blog post dedicated to the top list of the best VPNs, it appears that the list is very long and the use of the latter is necessary to have a quality and secure internet connection.

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