Tridactyl – How to use Firefox with Vim shortcuts

Everyone overcomes their childhood wounds as best they can. For some, it will be the shrink, for others dyeing their hair or getting a cathartic tattoo, finally for others it will be installing Tridactyl.

Tridactyl is an extension for Firefox that replaces the browser’s default control mechanism with a mechanism inspired by the Vim editor.

So how does it work? Well exactly like Vim. You simply use your keyboard to use Firefox. For example, the j / k keys will allow you to scroll the page, the f key will allow you to “click” on a link, or the double brackets [[ or ]] will allow you to move around in the pagination of the sites.

Tridactyl allows you to do many more things, but to know all the commands, enter:


For more info, take a look at the Github page .

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