There are many mobile apps to cartoonify a photo or caricature someone. But if you’re too lazy to install it on your smartphone, well know that it also exists on a classic website?

This is what SocialBook offers through its cartoonize page which allows, thanks to a photo that you upload, to recover a stylized image Disney, Miyazaki, Simpsons, 3D…etc.

So in terms of resemblance, I think it depends on the people. For example, as far as I’m concerned, I feel like I’m quite far physically from the results.

But it’s fun nonetheless. The site is free, however you will have to register if you want more. Know that it is even possible to cartoonify a whole body and if you want to see what it would look like if you were of the opposite sex, it is also possible.

I don’t feel bad 🙂

Test here

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