If you are like me passionate about satellite images and you would like to take a timelapse of a particular area of the planet to show its evolution?

Well, with Streamlit it is possible. The principle is simple. You select an area on the map, you export this area to a json file. You then re-import this json, you choose a collection of satellite images and you click on the “Send” button.

There you go, you will have a nice animated GIF or MP4 to download. I’ll let you watch the videos to see what happens.

What is a timelapse?
Are you new here and have no idea what a timelapse is? Here is a page to explain what it is!

A timelapse, also called time-lapse video, is a photographic technique that consists of taking a certain number of images with a regular time interval between each, then creating a standard video of 24 or 30 images per second in order to give a accelerated effect to the chosen subject.

This technique allows you to see with the naked eye what is not otherwise visible, such as a change from day to night, the movement of the Milky Way or clouds in the sky. The longer the interval between each photo, the faster the effect on the video.

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