TweetGPT: The Chrome extension that tweets for you

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Spending excessive time on Twitter can sometimes leave you struggling to respond appropriately to people who approach you. This can be due to encountering rude individuals who provoke a strong emotional reaction, or encountering individuals who lack the necessary comprehension to understand your intended message. In order to avoid wasting time on unproductive interactions with such people, you have the option of either ignoring them or enlisting the assistance of ChatGPT to respond on your behalf. This will enable you to maintain composure and respond in a manner that aligns with your preferred tone.

The TweetGPT extension can assist you with this task. By utilizing it, you can select a response style with a single click and receive a message that matches the initial tweet. It’s important to note that I wasn’t able to locate any inappropriate posts to respond to, so I opted for a typical tweet. Additionally, I hold the person in the image above in high regard and solely used their tweet for demonstration purposes. As a joke, I chose the “Controversial” response style, and the ensuing message was their reaction.


Not bad is not it ?

Note that sometimes it may not pick up that you have to answer in French. I invite you to modify the source code of the extension to change the chatGPT prompt and force a response in French if necessary.

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