Twitter Error – We Cannot Send A Text Message To This Phone Number Because Its Operator Is Not Supported

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In this guide, we will learn: Twitter Error – We Cannot Send A Text Message To This Phone Number Because Its Operator Is Not Supported – guide 2023

Many Twitter users who are trying to log into their accounts have met with a Twitter error stating – “We cannot send a text message to this phone number because its operator is not supported.” The users have faced the issue as Twitter’s two-factor authentication (2FA) is not working normally. People are confused, worried that they may lose access to their Twitter account, and don’t know what to do to solve it.

Twitter Error - We Cannot Send A Text Message To This Phone Number Because Its Operator Is Not Supported
Twitter Error – We Cannot Send A Text Message To This Phone Number Because Its Operator Is Not Supported

Recently, multiple changes are happening on Twitter. From Elon Musk taking over to hundreds of employees getting fired. Amidst this chaos and confusion, users are not being able to sign into their accounts and are experiencing problems with an important security feature – two-factor authentication.

The problem reportedly started in mid-November. At that time, @TwitterSupport tweeted, “We’re looking into the few cases where SMS codes aren’t being delivered.”

Twitter Error - We Cannot Send A Text Message To This Phone Number Because Its Operator Is Not Supported

“To clear up confusion about two-factor authentication on Twitter – it’s still live and a good way to protect your account. If you have it turned on, your chosen authentication method should be good to go,” it said.

What Is 2FA?

To those who need to know about 2FA – The 2-factor authentication on Twitter adds an extra layer of security to your account. However, if you lose your phone or text messages aren’t working, you won’t be able to access your account.

If you’ve enabled 2-factor authentication, you must enter a code when you log in. You’ll receive the code via text message and need an internet connection.

However, many users are not receiving the code even though they have a valid phone number.

If you have faced a similar issue, you are at the right place as we look at some solutions which may help you to sign in to Twitter.

So What Is The Deal With The Unsupported Mobile Operator Twitter Error?

The Twitter error has happened to various operators. Users from the UK and India who have used their phone as a 2FA option are mainly facing the problem. Be it Vodafone users in the UK or Reliance Jio users in India, many have been affected by this issue.

No matter how one tries to sign in, whether desktop, mobile, or mobile app, the error seems persistent. Based on the discussion among users and the response from Twitter support, we can be sure that the error is from Twitter’s end and it’s not an individual account error.

Here we have lined up a couple of options for you to try and get this issue sorted. Here are 4 solutions that may help you solve the twitter error:

1. Use Twitter Lite

Download the Twitter Lite application from Google Play Store. Open it and try to log in to your account. You should be able to sign in. However, if the issue still persists, you can test the next solution.

2. Use The Old Twitter Version

Another solution that might help is to install the old version of Twitter. The new version with various updates might be a hindrance and create trouble for signing in.

Get the old Twitter Version Link

3. Contact Twitter Support

Another solution that might help with the Twitter error is connecting with Twitter Support.

You can go to Twitter Support or the Twitter Help Center and search for “2FA”.

Now, enter your Twitter username and email address. Explain the Twitter error. Write that you’re not receiving the verification code and will need help accessing your account. Once you submit the form, you might have to wait anywhere from a few hours or a couple of  days to get a response from Twitter.

Also, we feel that users should contact twitter support. If more and more people contact them, they will help solve this issue more quickly.

4. Turn Off 2FA (If You Are Still Logged Into Twitter On Another Device)

Last but not least, if by any chance you are still logged on any device on Twitter, you need to turn off the 2FA.

Open Twitter on a device that’s currently logged in to Twitter. Next, go to Settings and support > Settings and privacy > Security and account access.

Once in security, go to Two-factor authentication and turn off the “Text message/Authentication app/Security key.”

Among all the four solutions listed for the Twitter error, the one that has the best success so far is solution 4. So, if you have access to the account on another device, you may be spared from trying the other 3 solutions.

Final Thoughts on Twitter Error

We hope that the suggestions listed above have helped some of the users to sign into Twitter. However, if you are still struggling with the 2FA Twitter error, the best option would be to turn off 2FA. You can also contact the Twitter support page and wait for their response.

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