Twitter Has Discontinued The Direct Message Feature On iOS And Android

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Numerous users noticed that the Android and iOS applications of the microblogging service Twitter no longer allow users to send a direct message to another account directly from a profile page. Given how the service is now operated, it is difficult to determine whether this was done on purpose by the platform.

Why Did Twitter Remove The DM Button?

According to 9To5Google, the “DM” button, which typically sits next to the follow and notify buttons, has vanished without being replaced. The DM button was previously located next to the notification and Follow buttons on mobile devices. However, while some iPhone users claimed the button was functioning properly for them, others experienced the problem. A person said that the button was gone on his Android phone, but that he could see it on an iPhone that was signed in with the same account, according to a report by 9to5Google.

How Can You Send Direct Messages On Twitter?

The business will shortly remedy this problem. Users can still initiate a direct message on Twitter in the interim. Users can still send direct messages in the meantime by finding the desired account on the messages page, according to the article.

On Twitter’s web client, the direct message button is still visible. Those who use the web version of Twitter are not facing the disappearing DM button issue.

The Future Of Twitter

Future Of Twitter

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, stated that a more expensive, ad-free subscription to the microblogging service would be made available in the upcoming weeks.

In the last several weeks, Twitter’s Android app has undergone some significant adjustments. Android users may now sign up for an $11 monthly Twitter Blue subscription. Subscribers to Twitter Blue will get a blue check on their accounts and will gain preference in searches and chats.

For its Android users, the corporation just added the “For You” page. Instead of displaying tweets chronologically, this tab displays them using an algorithm. It’s vital to remember that the iOS app already has these functionalities.

What Do You Think – Twitter Has Discontinued The Direct Message Feature On iOS And Android

Each Twitter profile has a DM function that enables users to message another account directly from their profile pages. This toggle is no longer present in the apps. The company’s decision to remove the DM button might not have been deliberate; it could have been brought on by a bug that only affects mobile users. Until the DM button issue is fixed, users must use the messages tab to look up the account they want to message.

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