Unciv – A Civilization Portage for Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux

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Before, we used to have time to get bored, but with the advent of smartphones, that time is clearly over. And fortunately, because now we have something to do during waiting times that seem to stretch on, like when we visit a doctor or get stuck in an elevator. For instance, we can play games.

Speaking of games, if you’re a fan of strategy games, you’re probably familiar with the classic Civilization. Well, here’s some good news: there’s now an open-source and mod-friendly remake of Civ V available for Android and desktop computers (Linux, macOS, and Windows). It’s called Unciv and it’s built with LibGDX.

Just as a reminder, Civilization is a monumental turn-based strategy game that was first introduced in 1991, created by the brilliant Sid Meier. The concept is simple: you guide a nation through the ages, from the dawn of time to the modern era, managing various aspects such as the economy, research, diplomacy, and, of course, warfare. Exciting, isn’t it?”

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In essence, it’s like being the ruler of the world, but in a pixelated version and with fewer real-life responsibilities.

It’s really enjoyable to delve back into this game through Unciv, even though the graphics may belong to a different era. The experience of playing it is still incredibly satisfying.

To give it a try, the process is quite straightforward. If you’re interested in the Android version, you can find it on Google Play or F-Droid. As for the Desktop versions, they’re available on GitHub.

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