With all this artificial intelligence invading our tools and our uses, we no longer know where to turn. One of these uses that I like, and that I find in my photo editing tool, Pixelmator, is the possibility of “Upscaling” an image. That is to say, to enlarge it while also increasing its quality.

Basically, the AI ​​reconstructs the image and can enlarge it without any degradation, which is super handy when we find the image or icon of our dreams on the internet, but it is tiny or pixelated.

There are plenty of tools online that do this sort of thing, most of them paying. This is why today, I propose to you Upscayl which is neither more nor less than free software for Windows, Mac and Linux that allows you to enlarge your photos with an increase in quality, directly from your computer.

Once in place on your computer, all you have to do is open the image you want to process. You can also do it in Batch.

Then select the type of rendering you want to obtain. Harden the image, have a photo or something more “digital art”.

You then choose an export directory, then click on the “Upscayl” button and voila! I went from an image of 1024 px to 4096 px without apparent loss of quality, that is to say a kind of blurring that could happen in these cases.

It’s subtle on my screenshots, because I recompress them afterwards, but if you go to the Upscayl site, there are plenty of examples that are much more telling.

In any case, it’s super practical and it joins my toolbox on the computer 🙂

Upscayl, it’s this way!

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