You may not know it, but for a little less than a year, I started making music on the computer. I’m not a musician, and truth be told, the flute and my middle school music teacher traumatized me for life.

But I like to create with the computer, and I was looking for something different from writing to continue expressing myself. I went through several stages and 6 months later here I am already with 21 tracks on Soundcloud and still experimenting with stuff in different styles.

Level gear, I use this little midi keyboard , this headset , and especially the Ableton software that I love. I started with Logic Pro X, then FL Studio and finally Ableton is much more pleasant to use. But everyone has their own tastes.

If I’m talking about this, it’s because I found a small plugin for Ableton Max called Spleeter4max which allows you to use Spleeter to separate a piece of music into several audio tracks. Remember, I have already told you about Spleeter, in particular via the site which offers the same result.

The advantage of separating a piece into several tracks is to be able to recover, for example, an acapella to make a remix of a song, or a sample of melody / instrumental to make a new creation, or even a drum track to inspire it.

The first step is to install Docker on your computer. As soon as it’s done, you have to go to the Docker Preferences and boost the memory used to have a maximum of potato for the plugin. Yes, I forgot to tell you, but Spleeter is not just for small machines.

Then get Spleeter4Max , unzip it and add it as a folder in Ableton Live.

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You will then only have to drag a song whose instruments you want to split into Ableton, then place the amxd plugin on its track and finally click on the START button.

This will take several minutes and it is possible that your machine will start to huff a little, but as soon as it is finished, you will obtain a series of audio files corresponding to your tracks.

And once placed in Ableton, here is the result:

Really cool !

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