Voyager: The First Continuous Learning Agent That Uses Language Models in Minecraft

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Today I’m going to tell you about an incredible AI project called Voyager. It is the first continuous learning agent that uses language models in the Minecraft universe.

Imagine a kind of little robot that continually explores the world of Minecraft, learning new skills and making discoveries without any human intervention. This is Voyager.

This new intelligent agent consists of three key elements:

  • An automatic curriculum program to maximize exploration.
  • A library that continually enriches itself with complex skills and behaviors.
  • A mechanism that can continuously comment on the environment and learn from errors encountered.

When we talk about AI, we often think of the GPT model. Voyager actually interacts with GPT-4 via queries, which helps it learn more quickly. The skills that Voyager develops are then extended over time and can be combined. This allows Voyager to quickly improve its skills without “forgetting”.

To give you an idea of how powerful Voyager is, it can obtain 3.3x more unique items, explore distances 2.3x longer, and advance up the tech tree up to 15.3x faster than any current similar program. Amazing, right?

Now that I’ve explained the basics of Voyager, you’re probably wondering how to use it yourself. Well, to start using Voyager, you will first need to:

  1. Clone the GitHub repository and install the necessary dependencies:
git clone
cd Voyager
pip install -e .
  1. Install Minecraft with all the necessary mods and follow the tutorial to set up a Minecraft instance with Fabric mods.
  2. Get an OpenAI API key and follow the instructions on the GitHub to generate a configuration file and launch the bot.
  3. Select the world in Minecraft and open it in LAN mode. Once the bot joins your Minecraft world, let it learn for a while.
  4. If you need to stop learning, you can pause everything with a simple command and resume learning from a specific point later.

The skills developed by Voyager can obviously be reused in a new virtual universe without any additional modification. For example, if your goal is to make a diamond pickaxe, you can learn how to do that by running a task breakdown and then executing the subgoals with the skill lib to solve a specific problem.

If you are curious and want to dig deeper into the Voyager universe, I invite you to consult the GitHub repository, where everything has been explained with detailed tutorials.

In short, Voyager has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with artificial intelligence. It has the potential to be used in games, research, and education. I am excited to see what the future holds for Voyager!

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