VPN : These special offers are a hit in January 2022, and here’s why

Are you properly informed about the risks involved in surfing the Internet? You expose yourself to online surveillance, theft of identifiers and even bank details. So, to ensure your protection, software has been developed and is gaining importance in the world of the web: VPNs.

With one click, these tools encrypt your connection and hide your IP address to preserve your sensitive information and your online privacy. Also, VPNs allow you to thwart geo-blocking, which is a possibility particularly appreciated by Internet users.

And right now, know that you can equip yourself at a very low price, thanks to unique offers. The best is at CyberGhost, displayed at only €1.89 per month.

CyberGhost at -84% + 3 months free

As we have just said, the most attractive offer in this ranking is displayed at CyberGhost. This VPN allows you to take advantage of an immediate reduction of 84% on its 3-year subscription, plus 3 months of free protection.

You will therefore have access to 39 months of subscription, at the price of €73.71 (to be paid in one payment) against more than €460 . As for the monthly price of the VPN, this offer therefore drops it from its normal price of €11.99 to just €1.89.

And if you already find this promotion impressive, wait until you know what CyberGhost can offer you. This software ensures your security on all your devices, thanks to an application with multiple compatibilities (Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux) and 7 simultaneous connections authorized.

With just one click, CyberGhost will encrypt your browsing data and camouflage your IP address, for maximum protection. But CyberGhost is not limited to this. This VPN also gives you access to an extensive network of over 7,500 servers in over 90 countries around the world.

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These will therefore allow you to thwart all geo-blocks, and some of them are even optimized for streaming, P2P or online gaming . So, whatever your use of the Internet, CyberGhost will satisfy you for sure. A tip, subscribe quickly before this offer expires, you have 45 days to change your mind.

NordVPN’s shock offer

To continue our ranking of the best VPN offers of the moment, we find the NordVPN software. The latter offers a very interesting offer. It offers you an immediate 68% reduction on the price of its 2-year subscription, and also gives you a month of additional protection.

Thus, you will benefit from 25 months of coverage, and this, at the preferential rate of €78.85 , instead of €264. This offer therefore saves you more than €180, and lowers the monthly cost of NordVPN to only €3.29 per month.

And while NordVPN’s price is dropping, its quality isn’t. Indeed, this software creates a secure VPN tunnel to protect your browsing data, and fully camouflages your IP address to preserve your identity.

This way, your security is ensured, as is your privacy. By the way, NordVPN is a No-Log VPN , meaning it doesn’t store any data about your online activity, which adds to your privacy. In addition, NordVPN is also fully qualified to allow you to bypass geo-blocks, and even Chinese censorship.

This is made possible by the more than 5,200 servers that the VPN has around the world, which you can connect to freely. Finally, note that the NordVPN application adapts to all your media (PC, tablet, smartphone, connected TV, etc.) to follow you everywhere.

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Grab this promotion quickly, it only lasts a few hours.

Surfshark is selling off its 24-month subscription

The last offer we want to tell you about is at Surfshark. As you can see in this Surfshark vs ExpressVPN duel , it holds its own very well. This software is currently showing an immediate discount of 81% on its 2-year subscription. The 24 months of Surfshark protection will only cost you €52.81, compared to more than €274 usually.

Consequently, Surfshark only costs €2.20 per month , whereas this price is usually set at €11.44. If we tell you about this offer, it’s because Surfshark is also an excellent VPN, like the other two VPNs we talked about above.

It protects all your devices with unlimited simultaneous connections, and an app compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, macOS and Linux. This software activates with a single click, and encrypts your browsing information using a powerful algorithm.

At the same time, it also camouflages your IP address. In addition, this software is also equipped with functions such as the Kill Switch, which suspends your traffic in the event of accidental disconnection from the VPN.

Also, Surfshark unblocks foreign Netflix catalogs, thanks to servers in more than 60 countries around the world. You will therefore be able to stream without limits thanks to this tool. Finally, know that Surfshark’s customer service is available 24/7, so you’ll never be stuck.

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