7 Best Sites Like Vumoo – guide 2023

7 Best Sites Like Vumoo – guide 2023

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In this guide, we will learn: 7 Best Sites Like Vumoo – guide 2023.

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Best Vumoo Alternatives Free Online Movie Streaming

1. Fmovies

Fmovies gives you access to dozens of categories of movies and TV series you want to use. It has a clean user interface where you can find details without much hassle. Select movies or TV series or go by countries or IMDb and you should be well on your way to finding your next watch. I have been using Fmovies for years now and have no complaints regarding the ads and other stuff. 

The website has published many mirror links in case one isn’t working. You can try another one, such as fmovies.sc, fmovies.wtf, fmovies. To, fmovies.ru among others. It has one of the fast streaming servers out there, so you would be able to access Fmovies even with a good WiFi signal, if not good. 

2. SolarMovie

SolarmoviesIf you have used Fmovies, you will find SolarMovie identical in many ways. You can find movies by genre and country, or check out the top IMDB page to find out what’s hot and what you should watch. The website doesn’t plague you with many ads. There’s even an ad-free version should you want to switch for a better viewing experience.

SolarMovie gives you access to a huge collection of movies and tv shows with multiple subtitles, resolutions, and fast load times as some of the characteristics of this platform. No doubt, it is one of the most competitive alternatives to Vumoo.

3. Yes! Movies

YesMoviesAnother website that I came across and found to be amazing is Yes! Movies. The website lets you stream and download countless movies and TV shows online without hassle. Navigation on Yes! Movies are super easy and you can choose between various video resolutions should you want the best experience. 

Check out the top IMDB page or hit the ‘request’ button to ask for content you want to stream online. Search by keywords, genre, or country and you will get a tonne of content without any hassle. There are some pop-ups here and there that you will get occasionally, but that’s all. 

4. ZMovies

Another website that appears identical to Fmovies is the ZMovies. It has surprisingly high-speed browsing and streaming servers that let you watch full-featured movies and TV series without any hassle. There’s no signup required nor any paywall, but ZMovies is amazingly better in many ways.

According to IMDB, you can watch movies by genre, country, or slide into the best ones. Can’t find the ones you were looking for? Check out the search feature and you should be able to get your content asap. That’s how easy ZMovies is when using it for streaming purposes.

5. 123Movies

123MoviesIf you think any list of free movie streaming websites like Vumoo would be incomplete without 123Movies, you guessed it right. 123Movies has been around for a while now, offering a much better interface for easy navigation, faster streaming, and more. Perhaps, you will be disappointed with constant pop-ups whenever you trigger a stimulus on the website. However, it is worth it. 

The website offers you content in HD resolutions, although some shows and movies are available in Full HD too. You can search for movies and shows by genre or country or use the “Top IMDB” feature to find the highest rated content available. 

6. MyFlixter

MyFlixterThis is another website that shows a UI similar to other free movie streaming sites. You can search by keywords, genre, or country, or check out the Top IMDB page to understand which movie you would like to watch. You will find a tonne of content from TV shows to movies and more. 

You can stream content in 720p and 1080p without any hassle although be prepared for occasional pop-ups here and there. Like any other website, you will get plenty of mirror links should one of them stop working. 

7. Putlocker

Putlocker AlternativesThe name Putlocker has been around for a while and for good reasons. It is a website where you will find thousands of movies and TV shows with relative ease. Search with the name or keyword or use the genre or country options from the navigation bar and you are good to go. You will come across whatever movie you search, so that’s something people are looking for.

You cannot download any content. Additionally, the movies are capped at the resolution they are available and there are not a lot of movies in 1080p or above resolutions. On the other hand, the website has slightly slower servers which means you will get buffering now and then when watching content on Putlockers. 

These were some of the Vumoo alternatives that you could try. Of course, these aren’t the only ones, as the list is practically endless. However, we brought you some of the hot-selling websites so that you can access these sites and enjoy incredible movies and TV series without any hassle.