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If you are a developer and you are looking for a simple way to automate certain actions such as generating builds of your applications, there are surely as many methods as there are developers. Same thing if you are a system administrator or just a Linux user.

One of them is called Wakeci, a tool that, thanks to YAML configuration files, allows you to set up to launch repetitive tasks with a single click.

Nothing to install, just run the binary and go read the YAML file creation example which has all the blocks you need . Here is an example config:

desc: Build and release wake application
  - VERSION: master

  - name: Clone repository
    run: git clone [email protected]:jsnjack/wakeci.git --recursive

  - name: Checkout version
    run: sh ${WAKE_CONFIG_DIR}utils/checkout.sh wakeci ${VERSION}

  - name: Install npm dependencies
    run: cd wakeci/src/frontend && npm install

  - name: Build application
    run: cd wakeci && make build

  - name: Create a release on github
    run: python ${WAKE_CONFIG_DIR}utils/release_on_github.py -f wakeci/bin/wakeci -r jsnjack/wakeci -t "v`cd wakeci && monova`"

timeout: 10m

  - name: Send notification to Slack
    run: >-
      python ${WAKE_CONFIG_DIR}utils/notify_slack.py
      -t "Job ${WAKE_JOB_NAME} has failed <${WAKE_URL}build/${WAKE_BUILD_ID}|#${WAKE_BUILD_ID}>"
      -k error

  - name: Send notification to Slack
    run: >-
      python ${WAKE_CONFIG_DIR}utils/notify_slack.py
      -t "New wake version `cd wakeci && monova` <${WAKE_URL}build/${WAKE_BUILD_ID}|#${WAKE_BUILD_ID}>"
      -k ok

Wakeci has a web interface and can automatically generate SSL certificates using Let’s Encrypt. No plugins, nothing complicated… Simply the progress of your tasks in a YAML file which, like a scenario, will launch as soon as you need it.

If you’re interested, it’s here.

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