WebAssembly x86 emulator to launch old Windows / Linux / BSD…etc from your browser

I never get tired of these x86 emulators which allow through a web page to run old OS such as Windows 95, Windows 2000 or ReactOS. But also stuff still relevant like FreeDOS, OpenBSD or Haiku.

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The v86 project emulates an x86 compatible processor and hardware. Thus, the machine code is translated into WebAssembly modules at runtime which results in decent performance.

On the copy.sh/v86/ site, you will be able to launch DOS, Windows or even Linux and BSD, directly from the images offered or load your own CD, floppy disk, hard disk, etc. image yourself. The emulated hardware is an x86 compatible CPU equivalent to a Pentium III of the era with SSE2 support and other things like a floppy disk drive controller, a PS2 keyboard, a VGA card or even a PCI NE2000 network card.

As the project is open source, you can fork it and deploy it on your own server if needed. Either way, it’s a great initiative.

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