The WeTransfer site  is an online service that allows the sending of large files by e-mail.



To start, go to the WeTransfer website  and select the file to send (maximum 2 GB). Then enter the e-mail address of your correspondents (up to 20 addresses maximum), yours (to receive a notification of good reception) and possibly an associated message.

Then, you will have the choice between two options: either create a download link, or send the file by email. The “ Transfer ” button  then starts the process. In the first case, a link will be generated as soon as your file is uploaded to the site. In the second case, your interlocutor will receive an email with your message and the mention “ Download ”. By clicking on it, a new tab will open, all he has to do is click on ” Download ” to start the download.

That’s all 🙂

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