Many webmasters who want to monetize their website would like to have an alternative to Google AdSense .

Indeed, when you want to start making your website profitable, you generally think of AdSense advertising.

It is the best known and accessible solution on the internet, used by many Webmasters and Youtubers.Summary

  • Problems with Google AdSense
    • Your site refused by Adsense
    • Low AdSense income
    • The choice of advertisers
  • Alternatives to AdSense for Low Traffic Sites
    • Ezoic
    • Adshares (
    • A-ads

Problems with Google AdSense

Many people on the web will tell you that AdSense is the most profitable ad network platform.

So why do some decide to use something else?

Here are some reasons why they seek an alternative to Google Adsense.

Your site refused by Adsense

The first big reason is: the site rejected by adsense .


In the past, it was easy to register your site on Google AdSense and immediately deploy your advertising placements.

But nowadays, Google has become much more selective.

Indeed, a site is now subject to review.

On forums and social networks, we find more and more messages like:

My site has been refused by Google Adsense, what alternative do I have?

Google now takes into account the number of visits and the quality of the content before validating a site.

Low AdSense income

Many people complain about low AdSense income.

penny adsense

The truth is that the advertising market on websites has become less profitable than before.

Before, there were more advertisements based on Cost Per View (CPV) .

These days they are more based on Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Thousand (CPM) .

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In addition, with the generalization of ad blockers (Ad block) on browsers, fewer and fewer people see and click on advertisements.

This means that there is a low CPC and results in lower revenues .

It becomes difficult to generate income just with Google AdSense.

The choice of advertisers

Joining the previous point, some site managers would like to have access to more advertisers with much more targeted ads for their audience .

This is why there are many companies specializing in internet advertising that bring together and offer specific advertisers (eg small businesses, personal branding, etc.)

Depending on the theme of your site, it may be interesting to use this kind of management.

Alternatives to AdSense for Low Traffic Sites

If you search on the internet, you will find many advertising platforms such as:, PropellerAds, Taboola, Criteo…

I have personally tried to register through these platforms.

And the truth is that many of these platforms do not accept small websites or sites with low traffic.

There is the well-known American platform Yllix which accepts publishers from all walks of life.

However, as I have never managed to collect income with Yllix, I could not recommend it to you.

I searched thoroughly for alternatives to AdSense and here are 3 solutions that I unearthed.

Top 3

With supporting evidence (see the “screenshots” below), I confirm that these platforms really pay you.

List of alternatives to Adsense for small sites:


Ezoic is an American company, a Google partner, which offers targeted advertising services and the optimization of your website in order to improve your SEO .

They help web freelancers and video publishers increase their income without relying on Big Tech companies.

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The good news is that even sites (with average traffic) have a chance of being accepted.

ezoic dashboard

With a site of 9786 visits per month, I managed to earn $17.92

Ezoic Trustpilot
Ezoic is highly rated (4/5) on Trustpilot

Adshares (

Adshares is the first 100% decentralized advertising market.

It is based on blockchain technology on which you will be paid in ADS cryptocurrency (Token) that you can convert to other currencies.

Note that Adshares also minimizes ad blocking software.

If Google AdSense has disapproved your website, you will have no problem with Adshares, since it is a free and transparent advertising network that accepts small sites.

As you can see, with several sites, over 1 month, I managed to generate $9.48.


A-Ads is the pioneer of Bitcoin -based advertising network .

It does not collect personal data from visitors.

And it accepts almost all websites (even those with few views).

a-ads bitcoin

On the screenshot you see that I generated 0.0002 BTC with the advertisement.

review a-ads
A-ads is rated 4/5 on Trustpilot

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