What are the different types of renewable energy ?

Renewable energy is a term used to describe sources of energy that renew themselves naturally. It is considered ecological, sustainable and inexhaustible on the scale of human time. In general, renewable energies are produced by natural, cyclical or constant phenomena. Today there are several types of renewable energy. What are the best of them? The subject is to be discovered in the lines to follow.

  1. The main types of renewable energies
    1. Solar energy
    2. Wind energy
    3. Hydraulic energy

The main types of renewable energies

Solar energy

The most common form of renewable energy is that generated by the sun’s rays . There are 2 types, namely:

photovoltaic solar energy

Solar energy is a type of renewable energy that comes from the sun . Solar energy can be used to generate electricity, heat water or air, and provide light . The most common way to use solar energy is to convert it to electrical energy using solar panels . Solar panels are made up of many small photovoltaic (PV) cells. When sunlight strikes a photovoltaic cell, it creates an electric field and causes electrons to move inside the cell. These electrons create current and voltage that can be harnessed to do work, like powering your home or charging your car battery.

Thermal and thermodynamic solar energy

Solar thermal energy consists of using the heat of the sun to provide heat and/or energy . It is one of the oldest forms of renewable energy, and has been used for centuries to heat buildings and water. Solar thermal systems include collectors that absorb sunlight, a storage tank, and a distribution system. The heated water or air can be used for heating or to generate electricity.

Thermodynamic solar energy is a newer technology that uses mirrors to focus sunlight onto a receiver which converts it into heat energy. This thermal energy can then be used to drive turbines to generate electricity or for other purposes, such as heating water or air. Solar thermodynamic systems are more efficient than traditional thermal systems, and they can be used to produce hot water and electricity simultaneously.

Wind energy

Wind energy is a renewable resource that has been used for centuries to power ships and mills. Today, wind turbines are used to generate electricity by converting the kinetic energy of wind into mechanical energy . Wind energy is a clean and reliable source of electricity, and it can be harnessed anywhere there is enough wind to spin the blades of a turbine.

Wind power

There are many regions with strong and constant winds, making them ideal places to install large-scale wind farms. The cost of generating electricity from wind power has also come down significantly in recent years, making it more competitive with other forms of renewable energy like solar power.

However, the use of wind energy presents some difficulties. One is that turbines can kill birds that strike them or come into contact with their spinning blades. Another challenge is to locate the turbines in areas where they will not cause conflict with people living nearby or interference with air routes.

Hydraulic energy

Hydropower is a type of renewable energy that uses water to create electricity . The water can come from a river, a lake or the ocean and is transformed into electricity using a turbine. Turbines are powered by the force of moving water and can generate electricity for homes, businesses and communities.

Dam: hydraulic energy

Using hydropower as a renewable energy source has many advantages . It is a reliable source of energy that can be used 24/7. It also has a low impact on the environment as it does not produce greenhouse gases or other pollutants like some other forms of renewable energy do.

However, water is an essential resource for many aspects of our lives, including agriculture, manufacturing and energy production. It is therefore important that we manage this precious resource wisely so that we can continue to enjoy its benefits in the future.

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