Windows 12 will probably not be released for several years, but some are already imagining what the operating system could look like. A YouTuber known as AR 4789 has posted a YouTube video in which he presents a graphical concept of Windows 12.1 made by himself. The result is quite nice!

A nice color choice

In the video posted by AR 4789, we can see that the latter does not reinvent anything. He especially had fun reworking the classic design lines of Windows 11 to make the interface even more fluid and easy on the eyes. AR 4789 has also opted for warm colors, a little dark, but whose mixture is not bad at all: its concept of Windows 12.1 thus sports blue and purple tones which are really pleasant to look at. The color choice is good.

Concept Windows 12.1

A fluid and intuitive interface

As for the interface, AR 4789 offers a simple and intuitive concept for its version of Windows 12.1. The video presents in particular the process of installing the operating system and it is quite easy to navigate, whether to activate Windows 12.1 or to configure the various functionalities.

We then discover the interface itself and again, it’s not bad at all. First, there is a fully modular taskbar that separates the weather widget from the Start menu, applications and the notification area. The different elements that make up this taskbar can be moved left, right or center.

The Start menu of this Windows 12.1 takes on the design of Windows 11, but with small additional things like the return of the list of applications on the left side as well as the most used folders at the top right.

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In addition, File Explorer has also been revised with an interface that many users are looking forward to, of course I’m talking about tabbed browsing. This allows multiple folders to be browsed in a single window. It may not be much, but it seems that Microsoft is in no hurry to integrate it into its operating system, too bad…

Finally, note the return of widgets on the Windows desktop: weather, calculator, calendar, clock, contacts, news, etc. Again, many users regret that this feature disappeared after Windows 7.

Anyway, the whole thing really makes you want to use this version of Windows 12.1! What do you think ? Comments are open!

Ah yes, I almost forgot! If you like the wallpapers offered in this Windows 12.1, know that they are available for free download at this address .

Windows 12, when is it?

Source : YouTube

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