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With the resumption of post-covid economic activity, we have seen 2 new concepts appear in the media, which are quite new on the job market: The Great Resignation and the Silent Resignation.

I really need to explain this to you, because it affects many sectors, especially tech. I assume that most of you work in the IT sector, and it will not have escaped your notice that it is quitting around you. Maybe you yourself quit.

Indeed, this phenomenon of Great Resignation is not new and quite common when we come out of a crisis. Indeed, during a crisis, everyone clings to their job, but as soon as things get better, a large number of workers seek to change jobs to obtain better conditions, even wish to move into a new profession or decide to retire from active life.

This is why, at the moment in France, people are resigning everywhere.

The concept of silent resignation, on the other hand, is more recent. Here it is not a question of really resigning, but of putting oneself in “minimum service” mode: Doing one’s job without forcing oneself, sticking to one’s schedule and completely disinvesting in one’s work. It happens when people are unhappy at work, but don’t want to quit. They prefer to focus on their personal life and thus avoid professional fatigue and stress.

Whether in the case of a Great Resignation or a Silent Resignation phenomenon, the root of the problem remains the same: People are not happy in their jobs.

Personally, I find it a bit of a shame to stall professionally by putting yourself in energy saving mode, because you are sad at work. In my opinion, it would be healthier to give a new impetus to your career by changing companies and positions.

If you work in tech and want to stay in tech, but your current job no longer motivates you, why force yourself to stay there when the job market is sorely lacking in profiles like yours and many companies would be ready to offer you a better salary, more interesting projects, new responsibilities, remote working with little onions…etc. ?

Are you tempted?

If you recognize yourself in this and you are no longer very fulfilled in your work, the good idea is probably to stay “listening to the market” as they say.

And that’s why, LesJeudis can help you. Indeed, even if this site is no longer presented, LesJeudis remains to this day THE No. 1 platform in the employment of techs and computer scientists. On the one hand, there are companies that recruit profiles that are becoming increasingly rare and on the other, there is you with your tech expertise. The role of LesJeudis is to establish and propose the perfect match between an IT position and a specific IT profile.

And for this, LesJeudis supports candidates with the help of various career development tools such as hundreds of job advice, numerous IT technical articles (I even wrote some of them), a focus on new trends and of course the description and the salary specific to each job so that you are best equipped as possible to respond to job offers.

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The new version of LesJeudis

As you can imagine, if a site as old as LesJeudis has been able to stay in the game after all these years, it’s because it has successfully evolved. And it’s still the case this year since the platform’s UX and UI have been completely redesigned to provide you with the most intuitive experience possible. Emphasis has also been placed on access to the platform on the move, so that there are no more excuses for looking at job offers and applying, during your transport time at the end of the day or posing in the evening in front of Netflix.

To make it easier for you to find and apply for the jobs that suit you best, LesJeudis has completely optimized and simplified the job search and application procedure. A possibility of multiple applications is also present, which will allow you to apply for several offers at the same time with a minimum of clicks. There is even an AI that will accompany you during the writing of your CV.

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LesJeudis is much more than a job site. It is a community involved in the world of tech that will provide you with all the tools to succeed in your professional change. For their part, they have started a big job of updating the employment files which will be available in October and will allow you to know everything about your future job, including the average salary you are entitled to expect.

I assure you, this version is worth a look so I invite you to browse the ads. You might find your dream job. The one that will finally allow you to resign or get out of your period of “silent resignation” which in the end is not very fulfilling.

What are you waiting for to take the plunge?

In short, whether you are a project manager, mobile developer, devops or web dev…etc., you will find everything you need within the LesJeudis community, from IT jobs to professional support, tech news and even at certain times of the year events to meet and also discuss with companies. It’s worth gold!

If you already have an account on the LesJeudis platform, I invite you to explore the site again. You will see, it has changed a lot and you should like it. And if it’s your first time because you’re younger in the world of tech, it’s an opportunity to create an account and dive into this community that will bring you everything you need to resign and immediately find a job that suits you better and brings you more fulfillment (and salary of course!)

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