What is cyber warfare ?

Over the years, the concept of war has evolved a lot, giving way to a more advanced representation. No more going to a battlefield, with weapons, tanks and ammunition. In this 21st century, war takes place in cyberspace and the hacker partly replaces the figure of the soldier. This phenomenon, whose origins date back decades, has a name: cyber warfare . In this file, we take you into a universe where firearms are replaced by computer keyboards.

Definition of cyber warfare

Cybernetic warfare, cyberwarfare, or web warfare, all these expressions refer to a single phenomenon: cyberwarfare. This form of warfare , unlike conventional or ordinary warfare, does not take place on a battlefield, but in cyberspace . Concretely, cyberwarfare is the use of computers and the Internet to carry out warfare projects in cyberspace .

Who is waging this war and on what grounds?

Since the early 2000s, many major military confrontations have taken place on the Internet . Indeed, all existing networks in the world are closely linked to the Internet. The most sensitive networks are no exception. From then on, it becomes easy and quick to infiltrate them. All this gives rise to the birth of new battlefields.

We are therefore entitled to ask who are the protagonists of this new form of war. To answer it, we will simply say that the groups of computer pirates are the first actors . The latter represent the figure of the soldier in cyber warfare.

Like the soldier, these hackers, better known as hackers , remain at the front. Without them, no cyberattacks until we come to talk about cyberwars. Apart from hackers, terrorist organizations, government organizations and armies also sponsor these attacks in cyberspace, but on a secondary scale. Either way, they still resort to hackers to carry out this war.

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Moreover, war logically gives rise to a target. Here, large and medium-sized companies, private organizations as well as individuals are mostly the target of these cyberattacks . But sometimes hackers go further, including targeting government organizations and institutions .

Some examples of cyberattacks

For the past ten years, cyberattacks have spread around the world like wildfire. Thus, the first cyberattack that gave rise to what could be described as cyberwar was aimed at Estonia. The country that was once the most dematerialized in the world suffered a short but devastating digital assault. An attack that would have been orchestrated from a reliable source by Russia.

Over time, the cyber threat has evolved, and many incidents of cyber warfare are recorded. Hackers no longer had the sole purpose of filling their pockets by stealing information or data without the knowledge of companies or individuals. Attacks are now aimed at undermining the national security of countries.

In many ways, these attacks pose a greater threat than the war you once knew. Governments are becoming increasingly aware of this. Evidenced by the many investments both financially and human devoted to cyber defense. 

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