What Is Facebook Restricted List And How To Use? – Guide 2023

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In this guide, we will learn: What Is Facebook Restricted List And How To Use? – guide 2023

Facebook is an excellent platform for sharing your posts and content with friends and followers. However, we all have that one friend or relative with whom we don’t want to share our posts but can’t unfriend or block. If you are in this situation, you can add them to your restricted list on Facebook.

The restricted list feature, as the name implies, allows you to prevent people from seeing your Facebook posts unless you tag them without unfriending or blocking them.

It means you no longer need to unfriend or block someone to stop them from seeing your posts and information. You can also remove them from the restricted list at any time without them knowing.

This feature is helpful if you have personal posts that you don’t want a specific person to see. You can add such users directly to the restricted list and stop worrying about it.

This article will teach you everything you need to know about the restricted list, including why and when you can use it and how to use it on your Facebook account. Also, learn to make a blank invisible name on Facebook if you want.

What Does the Restricted List on Facebook Mean?

As you know, if you do not want certain posts or your Profile information to be visible to the public, you can change the privacy settings from “Public” or “Everyone” to “Friends.”

You can even make your Facebook Account Private or completely hide your Profile as much as possible when you want.

However, if you do not want someone to see your posts or information, you can restrict that person from your Facebook account.

You can also choose to unfriend or block someone on Facebook if you don’t want them to have access to your account. There is also the option to restrict a specific person on each post with the “Friends except” option.

However, not all situations require unfriending or blocking someone. They are considered extreme measures and are not appropriate in all circumstances.

Furthermore, customizing privacy settings for each Facebook post is unrealistic. You may unintentionally share your posts if you forget to exclude someone.

Hence, the best option for you is to restrict that person on Facebook. When you restrict someone, you are denying them access to your private posts and information without having to unfriend or block them.

Remember that friends on the restricted list can still see posts and information on your Facebook account that are set to “Public.”

Hence, change the privacy setting from “Public” whenever you don’t want your restricted list to see your particular post.

To sum up, a restricted list on Facebook is a feature that allows you to hide your posts and content (other than public) from particular users without unfriending or blocking them.

Why use a Restricted List on Facebook?

So, now you know the meaning of a restricted list, let’s talk about why you need to use them. After all, you might think this feature isn’t handy if you don’t understand its benefits.

The most important aspect of the restricted list is that you can limit access to your posts on FB. With it, you don’t need to resort to extreme measures.

The person on your restricted list will not be able to see your FB content that is not public. Also, when you place someone on the restricted list, Facebook won’t notify the other person.

Therefore, restricting someone is more secure than unfriending or blocking them. It is because they may know if someone blocks or unfriends them on Facebook.

Furthermore, you can add and remove any number of friends on your restricted list. Hence, if you no longer need to hide your content from that person, remove them from the restricted list.

Therefore, we recommend using a restricted Facebook list when you don’t want to share your posts with a friend or relative but can’t remove them from your friend list.

How do you Restrict Someone on Facebook?

You can easily restrict someone on Facebook from their Profile. You need to know their username or Facebook name to locate their profile.

Remember that to add any person to the restricted list, you can use both Smartphone (Android or iOS) and PC (Windows or Mac).

Now, tap the search icon from the top right corner and search for that person’s username. After finding, tap on that username to access that person’s profile.

You can now click the “Friends” button on their profile and select “Edit friends list” after that. You will now see the “Restircted‘ option” at the bottom of the list. Tap on it until you see the checkmark icon appear.

Restricted list

This is how you can add anyone to a restricted list on Facebook. To remove that person from the restricted list, follow the same steps above and uncheck the “Restricted” option.

There is also another option to access and manage your restricted list on your Facebook account. However, you can only manage your restricted list on your computer or laptop on the Facebook website.

There isn’t any option to manage the restricted list in the FB application for Android or iOS (iPhone or iPad).

To edit the restricted list on your FB account, click the “Find friends” option from the left panel. Then, select the “Custom” list on the next screen.

Find Friends

You can now click the option “Restricted list” from the left side and add or remove any friend on Facebook from this list.

Manage Restricted list

Click the cross icon next to the person’s username to remove them from the restricted list. Also, you can hit the “Add/Remove” button from the top right side to add any friend to the restricted list through this page.

Remember that if you haven’t added a friend to the restricted list yet, you won’t see the “Restricted” option under the Custom list.

Other Options for Restricting People on FB

The restricted list isn’t only the single option to ban your friends from accessing your private posts on Facebook. Knowing where your restricted list is and managing it might be a hassle at times.

Remember that the restricted list is only useful to completely deny access to all your posts that are not public. The person on the restricted list won’t see anything other than the public content.

However, a restricted list isn’t that useful if you want to hide one or two posts from someone. In such a case, we suggest you use the “Friends except” option when posting any content on Facebook.

With “Friends except,” you can easily exclude a specific person from seeing your post. Hence, if you want to hide a single post, there is no need to add someone to the restricted list.

You can also choose the “Only Me” option when posting content on Facebook. But with this, your friend list won’t be able to view your post.

If you have a serious issue with someone, there are other better choices than adding them to a restricted list. When you restrict someone, they can still access your public content and message you anytime.

Hence, in an extreme case, it is better to unfriend or block someone on Facebook to avoid further issues in the future.


What is the difference between a restricted and blocked list on Facebook?

Facebook’s restricted list allows you to prevent specific friends from viewing private posts and information. When restricting someone on Facebook, you will still be friends, and there is no need to block anyone.

When you block someone, they are unable to access your Facebook account. They will no longer be able to see your posts or send you friend requests after you block them.

Will they know if I put someone on a restricted list on Facebook?

No, Facebook will not notify the other person whether you add or remove them from the restricted list. As a result, you can add anyone to the restricted list at your leisure.

How do you know if someone restricted me on Facebook?

Even if you don’t receive a notification when someone restricts you on Facebook, you can still use the various signs to figure it out. If you notice that a friend who is normally very active on Facebook has stopped posting content, you may be restricted.

However, it is still only suspicion, and there could be other reasons. So, we recommend you check that friend’s profile from another FB account to see if you are restricted. It’s also a good idea to ask your friend directly to avoid misunderstandings.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a restricted list is a Facebook feature that allows you to prevent certain friends from seeing your posts without having to unfriend or block them.

You can easily add any friend on your account to a restricted list using the app on your mobile phone or the website via a desktop web browser.

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